5 Quick Insights: An Interview with a Mexico City Private Tour Guide

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Mexico City Cathedral

Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Carlos San Roman works as a third generation tour guide in Mexico City. Not only is guiding in his blood, but he has also traveled extensively across Mexico since he was 8 years old. Overall, he has acquired around 19 years of tour guide experience to Mexico City, as well as nearby destinations like Puebla, Cuernavaca, and San Miguel de Allende.

As a fully registered guide with the Mexico City Tourism Board and the Mexico Federal Tourism Ministry, Carlos presents himself to visitors professionally and with all the knowledge of a well-traveled and well-practiced Mexico City private tour guide.

Mexico City private tour guide

Private Guide Carlos San Roman

We caught up with Carlos to discover the Mexico City that he knows and loves a bit better.

One fact that surprises most visitors is… that Mexico City people are always welcoming to visitors and are very friendly. There are a lot of things the media says about Mexico, most of them about things happening in northern Mexico. Let me tell you that in Mexico City we have over 13,000 operational security cameras and the most reliable police. Unfortunately, when people tell their travel agent that they want to visit Mexico City, the agent says, “Why? It’s dangerous.” Most travel agents don’t even know about Teotihuacan or all the cultural offerings of Mexico City.

The shop I recommend most often to visitors… there are two: Fonart and the shop at the Museum of Folk Art. Both of them have great handicrafts.

My favorite museum in Mexico City is… definitely the Museum of Anthropology in the Chapultepec Park. It’s the best museum of its kind in Latin America, and a must if you want to know that there were more cultures than just Aztec or Mayan in Mexico.

A visitor with one day or a few hours should not miss… a visit to the Zocalo (main square). There, they can visit the remains of the main temple of the Aztecs, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the National Palace. They can have a good overview of Mexican culture.

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