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Ken’s recent post about Vegas on the Cheap, got me musing about my last trip to Las Vegas, where instead of cheap, I went for quite the opposite, a bit of luxury. I’m not talking crazy high stakes limo lounging VIP bottle service kind of luxury, but the kind that most normal people might go in for as a treat, spending a couple hundred bucks on a really nice day in Vegas. So as a foil to cheapskate Ken I offer up a report on my one day of Vegas decadence!

Crazy lights at the Wynn
The Lovely Lights of the Wynn Las Vegas

And where does our day of Las Vegas luxury take place? At the Wynn of course. Let’s glaze over that I got a fabulous online deal (airfare from SFO and one night at the Wynn for $333). I landed mid-day, luxury jet setters do not awake in time for the early morning flights.

One can, naturally, spend some time playing at the very lovely and very pricey Wynn casino tables, but I, alas, am not a gambler by nature. I’d rather lose my money at the Wynn spa. After checking in I presented myself at the spa desk and pored over the options. There are many choices, but as a lover of all things coconut, I went for the Pacific Paradise treatment, a coconut body scrub, with a warm, moisturizing cocoa butter wrap.

The best part of the Wynn spa, and this you can enjoy with a day pass if you’re not staying at the Wynn, is the spa facilities. Technically there’s two spa facilities, one for men and one for women, both are clothing optional. I can only speak for the women’s spa, but I think the men’s is basically the same. The outer spa area is huge lounging area with snacks, teas, fancy water with cucumber or citrus, magazines, a fireplace and gorgeous Rajasthan tapestries from, I assume, the Wynn’s art collection. The inner spa has a sauna, plunge pools, and the biggest jacuzzi I have ever seen. There’s a bank of private showers and pretty much every amenity you need to spruce up. I would highly recommend a visit to the spa to rejuvenate if you are on a long layover in Las Vegas (and Vegas spas are open late, usually until 8 or 9pm). The high standards of Wynn service even apply in the spa, without asking a Wynn employee popped into the sauna to refill my water glass.

Relaxed, and smelling a little like the tropics, I headed from the spa to the theater for a performance of Le Reve. As a lover of all aerial and acrobatic artistry I was pleasantly entertained by Le Reve. I’ve heard it said that Le Reve isn’t as good as Cirque du Soliel, but I’ve seen Cirque shows that weren’t as good, I’ve also seen ones that were better, so I think it has more to do with personal taste than the impressiveness of the show. Was it worth seeing? Absolutely. I nearly headed one theater over to Spamalot, but, for some reason I can’t quite explain, acrobatic feats seemed a bit more luxurious than Monty Python.

Time to eat! The Wynn has a lot of choices for yummy food, and plenty of Steve Wynn spotting, I sat one table over from him on a previous trip at the Italian restaurant, Corsa Cucina. This time I saw him while getting a pre-show ice cream snack at Sugar and Ice. If you only eat at one place in the Wynn, pick up a cone of their home made ice cream, its amazing and the best single item I have eaten at the Wynn. I am not joking.

I opted for some seafood, so I headed to Tableau, far from the maddening casino crowds. A nice green salad, a mixed seafood platter, a glass of champagne, and yes, dessert (it is luxury day!) topped off the evening. Eating alone can be sort of dull, but it was a slow night and my waiter was rather sweetly doting, I nearly invited him to sit down.

I could pretend I partied all night VIP style, but really I fell asleep watching The Daily Show in my very comfy Wynn bed. And frankly, for me, that’s pretty luxurious.

Kelly G

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