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Private Guide Cruise Shore Excursions

Find guides all over the world for your cruise shore excursions!

Spend some time talking to regular cruise-goers about shore excursions and a common view becomes clear: generally speaking, the shore excursions offered by cruise lines are cookie-cutter operations, designed to move large groups off the ship, through some points of interest onshore, and back onboard again with a minimum amount of fuss.

And that’s all fine and good if your main reason for cruising is the onboard activities and you really don’t care too much about the ports of call.

Well, let’s just assume for a moment that you do indeed care about those ports of call, and that you’re not only looking forward to your shore excursions, but you want them to be tailored exactly to your interests and needs.

The bad news is that your cruise line can’t really help. The good news? Viator can!

Private Guides Cruise Shore Excursions

Private Guides can plan tours for groups of all sizes!

Besides our wide range of shore excursion group tours, we also offer Private Guide services in many popular ports of call. With the onsite messaging system provided, you can communicate with your Private Guide to plan a tour that is tailored to the size and make-up of your party and the interests you’ve stated.

Consider this example from a recent Viator Private Tour Guide request:

Hi there, We are traveling on the Celebrity Equinox, and will be docked at Kusadasi on November 24 from 7 am – 6 pm. We are looking for a tour that will take us to Ephesus, Temple of Artemis, House of the Virgin Mary, St. John Basilica, plus the Terrace Houses, and no carpet store! We would also like to have lunch. We have 6 adults and 2 children in our group.

You can tell that this cruiser has been here before, though perhaps not with the entire family. They’d like to share the highlights, avoid the lowlights, and make sure that everyone in the group has a good time. Some Viator Private Tour Guide clients are even more specific:

My family of four (parents with a 13-yr old & and a 3-yr old) will be docking in Civitavecchia on April 23, 2012. In our one full day in port we’d like to see some of Rome’s “usual suspect” highlights such as St. Peter’s, The Trevi Fountain and The Coliseum, but we’d also like to spend some time strolling in lesser known (and not crowded!) neighborhoods where we can grab some food and let the kids de-stress. For lunch we want real Italian pizza, and it has to be good, or my teenager will sulk all afternoon. My husband is a collector of vinyl records (LP’s) and he’d love to spend some time browsing for things he can’t find back home; and I’d love to buy some leather boots, preferably from a store that is only in Rome. Can we do all that?

Yes! Of course you can! Specific requests like these make our guides extra happy: they get to show off their intimate knowledge of the city — a ukulele shop in Singapore? A nude beach in Sydney? San Francisco’s newest tiki bar? — and they know that you’ll end your day having accomplished exactly what you wanted, and you didn’t just follow along with a pre-set itinerary.

Private Guides Cruise Shore Excursions

Let our Private Guides take you on a unique tour

A great day with a Private Tour Guide also means extra fun when you arrive back at your ship. As your fellow passengers trade stories of crowded buses and rushed tours, you can impress them with your tale of leisurely touring, stress-free shopping, and lunch in an out-of-the-way bistro where you were the only non-locals. You may get more satisfaction from the bragging rights than you should allow yourself, so try to go easy on your shipmates!

Finally, here’s a recent customer review that demonstrates the type of feedback we’ve come to expect from our Viator Private Tour Guide clients. It’s for Mario, a Rome-based guide who specialises on the needs of cruise ship passengers:

Mario did a wonderful job for us. We spent two extra days after our cruise and he arranged transportation to Rome from the ship and all our activities and transportation while in Rome. We had a group of ten with some of us having spent time in Rome and others were neophytes. Mario worked with us as our group size changed depending on the attraction. Don’t miss out on Rome and don’t miss out on Mario showing you a great time in his city.
– Jeffrey B., 23 Jun 2011

To find out more about Viator Private Tour Guides for cruise ship passengers, click here.

– Rod Cuthbert

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    a tour guide is definitely great especially if youre travelling abroad..tour guide knows the food,best park,best shop,best clothes best scenic spots and so on..theyre alwayss very friendly and will able to communicate whatever language because they are just train that way..soo hats off to tourist guide and viator..more power..always