Meet Private Tour Guide Aitor Delgado in Vitoria, Spain

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Editor’s Note: Viator is proud to introduce some of our new local experts. This network of licensed tour guides covers most every destination you can imagine, so check ‘em out the next time you’re looking for a private tour guide – or simply looking to explore a destination from a local’s perspective.

Viator private tour guide Aitor in Basque Country

Meet Aitor!

Meet Aitor Delgado, one of Viator’s local experts in Vitoria, Spain with a license and passion for providing visitors with private tours of his beautiful region.

Aitor Delgado simply loves his job. With 12 years of professional work experience as a private guide, Aitor has perfected the art of showcasing his region of Spain to visitors from across the globe. And, with the ability to communicate fluently in a whopping six languages – English, Spanish, Basque, French, German and Italian – and destination options of Vitoria, Bilbao, La Rioja, and San Sebastian, tour guide flexibility is at its peak with Aitor.

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, Aitor’s wide range of tours can accommodate. Even cruise passengers will be happy to know that there’s an itinerary for a port excursion of the Biscay coast – but, of course, all tours are customizable around your own preferences. Choose from tours of half days to several days.

As beautiful as the Spanish Basque region is, it’s not the only country on Aitor’s itinerary. The French Basque coast and its cities of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz fit perfectly into a 1 day tour. Learn about this region’s history while also getting a glimpse of the hot surfing beaches and a peek of its classy resorts.

Aitor would love to show you a great time in the Basque Country from start to finish. Don’t forget to book an airport greeting with him so he can get your visit to this gorgeous region off on the right foot!

If you’re planning a trip to the Basque Country of Spain and France, have a further look at the numerous tour offerings on Aitor Delgado’s Private Guide profile, and book a tour in advance. There’s nothing like peace of mind on your vacation to truly make it the getaway you deserve.

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