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CheapOair - the only way to

CheapOair - 300 million airfares and then some

Editor’s note: We were looking for some cheap airfares recently and came across the travel website CheapOair.com, which specializes in cheap airfares. We were intrigued, so we sent them some questions. Erin McBride, their Director of Social Marketing, was kind enough to reply.

Q: In a nutshell, what is CheapOair? How is it different from all the other airfare sites out there?

A: Casually speaking, CheapOair is an online travel discount retailer. We offer over 300 million airfares, all with a low airfare guarantee. We also sell hotel rooms and rental cars. We also just recently began offering train fares as well. We’re the #7 rated travel website according to Hitwise.com. And we have  the technological foundation to deliver affordable tickets to every region in the world.

Q: 300 million airfares? Wow, that’s a lot. We’ve also noticed that, unlike some of the other air sites, you have great deals for off-the-beaten and far-flung path destinations such as India and the Philippines, as well as round-the-world tickets and tickets for students, seniors, etc. Where did you get all of these cheap airfares?

A: We negotiate fares with over 300 airlines, so we have an excellent selection of tickets for all types of travelers no matter where they’re going

Q: Who knew there were even 300 airlines in the world. So is there any cost to travelers for using your site?

A: Absolutely not. CheapOair is free to use. And in fact, we do not require memberships or subscriptions to use the site.

Q: What’s your most popular travel destination this week?

A: Orlando, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas – in that order. This is typical of most weeks. All three are major convention cities, as well as holiday destinations. Additionally, what Los Angeles lacks in vacation travel, it makes up for by being a major hub as a gateway to the Pacific.

Q: Do you think the “CheapO” model could be applied to other areas besides travel?

A: Selling travel products online requires a rather sophisticated search engine technology that is unique to the travel industry. Typically, offering and an airline ticket online from one city to another will search a myriad of airfare and routing options that are optimized to show best priced tickets. In addition, travel products such as airline tickets, hotel and car rental rates are dynamically priced and are subject to yield management objectives by the various providers. In other words, an airline ticket for the same routing and flight itinerary from A to B may have a price today that is different from a price two days later.

Q: Do you have easyjet-style aspirations to move into other areas?

A: No. We’re pretty focused on travel. We’d like to keep it that way.

-Viator Travel Team


3 Responses to “Q&A with CheapOair”

  1. Jayson Says:

    It will save a lot money while traveling. Really if airfares are cheap we can save a lot of money and it can be used for other expenses. With the cheap airfares they are providing very good facilities…

  2. david Says:

    Anyone with a GDS/ reservation system has 300 million fares to offer. Cheaopair has a great marketing campaign but are far from the cheapest. Consolidators are the ones that really have contracts. So it always amazes me how much BS is said by the big marketing travel companies. yes they sell and everyone thinks they are cheaper.

    Its all marketing..much like the price assurance policy….read the fine print its BS!

    and yes I am someone in the industry and in this circle!

  3. Laurin Says:

    David–So who is the cheapest and where should the inexperienced traveler look?