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Four tourists in coordinating Hawaiian Christmas ensembles asked us how we were able to balance as we scooted past during our Honolulu Segway Tour.  My answer: you don’t really have to think about balancing, you just stand and the machine balances for you. This was my second time on a Segway and I found I really didn’t have to think at all. A quick refresher course and we were off and rolling.

Hawaii Segway

"How do you do that?"

Pedestrians were often surprised when they yielded to a little bicycle bell and saw that they were being overtaken by a group on Segways. Some small dogs suspiciously sniffed our wheels but overall it felt pretty natural to cruise along the beaches and streets of Honolulu.

We couldn’t agree on whether we should do the Honolulu History and Culture Segway Tour or a Sunset on the Beach Segway Tour, so we did both! The Segways seemed perfectly happy on the sand and we snapped some great shots of sunsets on the beach.

Hawaii Segway

Waikiki from a Segway

My recollections of Hawaiian history are a bit vague (did we study this?), and I found the brief overview on the Honolulu History and Culture Segway Tour very interesting. Hawaii has been a state as far as I can remember; I hadn’t thought about how it all happened. Pop quiz: when did Hawaii join the US? It’s a trick question. Hawaii didn’t become a state until 1959, but the US annexed it in 1898.  That might come in handy at a trivia night.

Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace

We scooted to America’s only real palace. Actually there were two. The king wasn’t happy with the first one so he had another one made… across the street.  The Iolani Palace actually had electricity and telephones before the White House did.

We zoomed past historical buildings from the times of kings and queens, missionary homesteads and tourist developments of the fifties and sixties. The great thing is you don’t have to lumber out of a tour bus; you are right there for the commentary.


Waikiki Beach Hilton

In front of the Waikiki Beach Hilton

The unique thing about a Segway is that you can go almost everywhere you can go on foot, but you can cover a lot more ground without getting tired. It’s a perfect way to maximize your time in Honolulu. Schedule your Segway tour early in your Hawaiian vacation so you get your bearings and know where all the museums and points of interest are if you want to return for a more in-depth visit later.

Riding a Segway is a novel experience that you really should try, and Honolulu is a great place to try it. The roads were easy to navigate and there was plenty to see. What made this tour even more enjoyable was our friendly and enthusiastic guide. This tour was a real highlight of our trip; I definitely recommend it.

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