[Contest] Win 2 Free Tickets on a Sydney New Year’s Eve Cruise

December 15, 2009 by

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Editor’s note: Congratulations to our runner-up winner, Tamie, who made the Sydney New Year’s Eve voyage in lieu of our original contest winners (it’s a long story – let’s just say that it did not work our well between Jane and Julian, so an alternate winner was chosen.)

Cristina, our 2009 New Year's Eve contest winner

Tamie, our 2009 New Year's Eve contest winner

Here were some of the runners-up. You do not win a prize, unfortunately, but you do earn our kudos for creativity!

Newlyweds coming to play,
gonna be great, hip hip horray!

Because I’m all dressed up, have no place to go

Floating buoy, food ahoy, harbour joy my new years ploy.
-Ian H

Cruising Delights me, Fireworks excites me, hope Viator invites me!
-Roberto Colombi

Country Nurse=Tired
Cause=Working too hard
Prescription=NYE Sydney
-Claire Keliher

Leave Melbourne, leave.
For Sydney rules
on New Year’s Eve!
-Christopher Billy

Thanks again to everybody who entered our contest. See you again next year!

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Rosemarie, on her recent New Year's Eve Cruise in Sydney

Rosemarie, our 2008 contest winner

Sydney is home to one of the world’s most famous New Year’s Eve celebrations. The fireworks display is second to none, the weather is warm & sunny, and the atmosphere is simply unbeatable.

This year, you can go as a VIP by entering to win 2 free tickets on a Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruise. Cruise Sydney Harbour in style aboard the Bella Vista, see the sights of Sydney and the harbour as the sun goes down and the city lights up the sky. At 9pm you’ll have a front-row seat for the Harbour of Light Parade, made up of 50 invited vessels decorated in rope-light. Continue to drink and dance the night away until the spectacular midnight fireworks show.

How do I enter?

Simply leave a reply for this post below to enter our “Sydney New Year’s Eve Harbour Cruise” contest. Like we did last year, we want you to answer one simple question: “Why should Viator send YOU on a Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruise?”.

Entries must be submitted by December 15, 2009. Winners will be announced on December 17, 2009.

Of course, there is a catch! We are only accepting replies that are 10 words or less! That’s right, answer the question “Why should we send YOU on a Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruise?” in 10 words or less, and you could win 2 free tickets* for a Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruise.

You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or less or it will not be considered.

Sydney Harbour New Year's Eve Cruise Contest

Sydney Harbour at sunset

Good luck! See you in Sydney for New Year’s Eve 2009!

-The Viator Team

* Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answers the question above, in 10 words or less. We are providing 2 free tickets on a Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruise. Airfare, hotel, taxes, and any other expenses are not included. We provide an unforgettable night of entertainment on New Year’s Eve, you need to get there on your own!  If you need a place to stay, check out hotels in Sydney on Planetware.com.

341 Responses to “[Contest] Win 2 Free Tickets on a Sydney New Year’s Eve Cruise”

  1. Scott Mc Says:

    If you want to enter the Sydney New Year’s Eve cruise contest, leave a comment here. We will publish the top replies — as well as the winner — on December 17, 2009.

    Good luck!

  2. Jason Says:

    Here’s my entry:

    I am too poor
    to pay
    on my own.

  3. Amar Says:

    This is your conscience speaking.

    Give Amar the cruise tickets…

  4. heidi Says:

    Austrian (no kangaroos) dreams from Sydney cruise

  5. RandyF Says:

    I’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to put a shrimp on the Barbie in person in Australia!

  6. Christopher Billy Says:

    Leave Melbourne, leave.
    For Sydney rules on
    New Year’s Eve!

  7. Tim Wagner Says:

    Bella Vista
    Harbour of Lights Parade

  8. Johnny Zhou Says:

    My answer is simple and short – Why not me?

  9. EddyO Says:

    Fabulous Sydney!
    New Years Paradise, maybe?
    Open my eyes, Skyshow!!

  10. IanH Says:

    floating buoy, food ahoy, harbour joy my new years ploy.

  11. Sonia K Says:

    I dream of sailing, sun and on sailing sydney harbour!

  12. Sonia K Says:

    I dream of fabulously sailing into the new year!

  13. Yasuyo Pantera Says:

    I’ve never been fascinated by Australia. Give me a good reason to change my mind.

  14. tess Says:

    bella vista’s the finest pirate booty I’ve laid eyes on!

  15. Melanie Holt Says:

    Sydney is an awesome place to spend New Years!

  16. Melanie Holt Says:

    Sydney would be an awesome place to spend New Years!

  17. alice Says:

    we are seniors and would love a wow trip !!!!!

  18. Mark Says:

    The perfect way to end our wedding before our honeymoon

  19. Marie Rea Says:

    Mad about Sydney and cruising its harbour is a dream!

  20. kate Says:

    Magical nite for me and my man, what a plan!

  21. Kris Says:

    Love Sydney, Love the lights, would love to see fireworks.

  22. Paul Says:

    I need it
    I want it
    right now PLEASE

  23. lesley Says:

    nye,sydney harbour,top of my bucket list

  24. Andrea Says:

    Travelling is my New Years resolution. Thanks to you Viator !

  25. NIc Says:

    Because Viator’s customers always have unforgettable experiences.

  26. jude Says:

    british boyfriend flying into sydney i need to dazzle him

  27. deborah Says:

    Travel gives me another great story for my grandson.

  28. deborah Says:

    I’ve spent New Years in Sydney,Canada. Now Synday, Australia

  29. Kelly Says:

    Have plane tix, have lodging, cruise would be cake-icing

  30. Loretta Says:

    I am the 1
    2 win, because
    I deserve it.

  31. Anne Forbes Says:

    Front row to ‘Eternity’. What more could you want?

  32. nella Says:

    sydney is my city and i want to bragg it

  33. Margaret Kim Says:

    S elect ME!!
    Y ou won’t regret
    D reaming of
    N ew
    E xtravagant
    Y ear

  34. Adrian Dorca Says:

    I feel lucky this time….

  35. SImone Says:

    my sailing ship,
    take me to where i dream.

  36. carmen.muscat Says:

    im an viator traveller and i cant wait for the same wonderful experience

  37. Deborah Says:

    Sampled many Viators, always exceeded my expectations.Let’s try SYDNEY.

  38. Jessica Says:

    It’s my sister’s birthday, I would love to surprise her!

  39. Jessica Says:

    I’m 23 and never seen the NYE fireworks live!

  40. rohan Says:

    Love my wife ,
    Love the Hangar,
    Together on NYE

  41. Clare Padman Says:

    Already promote Viator to everyone!!! This could be another reason!!!

  42. Kirsten Says:

    Hubby treat (NOTHING for himself in 3 years of marriage).

  43. ololade Says:

    New year new country new city.

  44. Marin Says:

    Newlyweds coming to play,
    gonna be great, hip hip horray!

  45. girly Says:

    Share aloha and compare fireworks like we have in Hawaii

  46. IAN Says:


  47. Karen S. Says:

    I would love to send my Mom there to enjoy.

  48. Robin Herbst Says:

    I have yet to see such beauty.

    Poor doctoral student. 🙁

  49. susan cunningham Says:

    A darling cruise is for a darling like me!

  50. Richard McCurdy Says:

    One life, a bucket list must, help me get there.

  51. DEBBIE Says:

    it may well put the spark back in my marriage

  52. Natasha Says:

    To join my fab. pregnant sister in law xx

  53. Julie Says:

    Fireworks & barbie, who wouldn’t!

  54. Kim Says:

    I would be on top of the world if you sent me down under to start the new year!

  55. Kim Says:

    Top of the World if I’m Down Under for NYE!

  56. shin horng Says:

    I have being to Sydney 5 years ago with my wife. Hope to be able to spend this year new year eve there with her.

  57. John C Says:

    My new bride and I (getting married the day after Christmas in the U.S) will be arriving to Sydney just in time for New Years. This would be a great way to start our AUSTRALIAN HONEYMOON!

  58. Jasmine G Says:

    I’ll tweet every minute onboard, leading up to 2010 @ViatorTravel!

  59. Therese Says:

    For my brother & his Brazillian girlfriend, Fireworks, Merry Christmas

  60. Jenni Says:

    The anniversay of my huusband’s passing – he was the light of my life just like the fireworks

  61. Allison Says:

    Recession proof me so I can embrace 2010 in style

  62. Selena Zeng Says:

    Baby take me for a ride
    Wonderful cause I am

  63. elaine Says:

    Chemo for cancer starts in January what memories.

  64. Balaji Says:

    Experience a new adventure in a secure atmosphere

  65. Elaine Broughton Says:

    To finish off a trip of a lifetime in style

  66. Kirti Says:

    Vaitor(Voyager) follow his dreams with open eye so am I..

  67. Kirti Says:

    Vaitor follow his dreams with open eye so am I

  68. Tony697 Says:

    Oh to start the new year spectacular with Sydney!!!

  69. Miss_Engaged Says:

    It would be a great gift to me and my fiance that are getting married in Jan. Give these two lovebirds a Shot

  70. Lia Says:

    My Boyfriend & i broke up so now my NYE plans went down the down! Now its going to be my single friend & i!

  71. Ruth Rutherford Says:

    Sydney rocks my world – make my NY dreams come true!

  72. Ruth Rutherford Says:

    Look into my eyes, not around the eyes – pick me!

  73. Samantha Says:


  74. G Says:

    Experience bliss as the new year peeks over the horizon.

  75. Richard Says:

    Please get me off the lounge in Perth sensational Sydney.

  76. David Perry Says:

    The sun dazzles brightly, G’day Sydney, what an awesome sight!

  77. Andrea MacEachern Says:

    New Years in a Australia? A dream come true!

  78. Marie Camma Says:

    So I can prove (with experience) that Melbourne is better than Sydney…or can I be proved wrong???

  79. Ann Says:

    I am already packed and ready to go!

  80. Kerrie Skliros Says:

    Afyer years sitting home with kids this is our time

  81. Michael Says:

    Do you really want me spend NYE with the outlaws ….SAVE ME

  82. Andy Says:

    Transcend the mundane and experience life before I die.

  83. Greg Says:

    No longer staying up to just see it on t.v.

  84. Kahli Says:


  85. Jeannine Says:

    Where else would I want to be?

  86. Ben Says:

    My girlfriend’s birthday on the 30th, I need a present!

  87. Jessicaa Says:

    I’m a metaphorical pyromaniac. Want to see Sydney on FIRE!

  88. Lisa Says:

    13th wedding anniversary could be lucky?

  89. Carly Says:

    We enjoyed our viator tour in Rome so much, and would love see more of our backyard!

  90. claire keliher Says:

    Country Nurse=Tired
    Cause=Working too hard
    Prescription=NYE Sydney

  91. Michiel Coebergh Says:

    I’m a pyromaniac, let me see the fireworks!!

  92. Lynn Says:

    It’s the only place on earth to be for new years eve

  93. Peter Says:

    Help a bloke Surprise his Wife!

  94. Jonathan Says:

    24 hours a day, 24 beers in a case, coincidence???

  95. Jonathan Says:

    Swede’s want to see worlds biggest fireworks from nice view!

  96. Jonathan Says:

    Because we have awesome pecs!

  97. Jonathan Says:

    I seem to be the only one really wanting tickets!

  98. Tony Says:

    Because I’m asking really nicely… Pretty pretty pretty please!

  99. lasse Says:

    nope you`re not the only one.. i want tickets too

  100. Trish Says:

    Its my First summer NYE away from snow!

  101. Jennifer Says:

    Traveling 24 hours, 15989 km, from New York City for this. Pick me!

  102. Emma Says:

    My dog ate my dingy!

  103. Emma Says:

    I need somewhere to park my parachute!

  104. Emma Says:

    I recently lost my ability to walk on water.

  105. Emma Says:

    Becasue my Rolls Royce is at the garage!

  106. Christopher Says:

    It would be memorable and fantastic opportunity if I could be able to ask my girlfriend to marry me on new year’s eve under the fireworks.

  107. Sam Says:

    Because I’m all dressed up, have no place to go

  108. Mark Says:

    Cause I’m the official NYE photographer

  109. Philippa Says:

    Cheap Christmas present for my daughter!!

  110. Philippa Says:

    Coz Vic and Val need to meet a pal!

  111. Rachel Says:

    Don’t want to spend it with in-laws………please!!!

  112. darrin Says:

    It doesn’t matter if I don’t win Im still sexy

  113. Laura Says:

    Fell asleep last New Year!
    This year: Harbour, Cruising, Beer.

  114. Vacation Deals Says:

    free tickets…
    very lucky to win that price..

  115. roberto colombi Says:

    Cruising Delights me, Fireworks excites me, hope Viator invites me!

  116. Marie Pohnetalova Says:

    ‘Water’ 0way to bring in the New Year… with me!!!!

  117. Sue Says:

    We HARBOUR a craving for a BELLA VISTA of Sydney!

  118. Katrina Parkes Says:

    I don’t have rhymes,
    i just have the blues.
    My birthday is 01/01/1989 and i have no plans.

  119. Katrina Parkes Says:

    I’ll be 21 and i have NO PLANS 🙁

  120. June Nelson Says:

    Prove to me that ordinary people can really win, mate.

  121. June Nelson Says:

    Cruise plus Hubby plus New Year’s equals utopia.

  122. June Nelson Says:

    An ordinary girl winning an extraordinary prize? Prove it.

  123. muddy Says:

    out of body experience, sydney je t’aime

  124. shezz Says:

    almost 4 years in Sydney, went to see fireworks in harbour and had to turn back home everytime coz flood of people pushing.

  125. Kyokolau Says:

    With My Love, In Sydney, At Viator!

  126. Jay Jones Says:

    I’d Twitter every minute telling everyone I love using VIATOR.

  127. Mey Says:

    Because it will be the best give ever for my parents. Thanks..

  128. Laura Says:

    1st time not working in 15 years. Make it special.

  129. David Says:

    Need to escape from my kids!! Sorry guys, Love ya.

  130. Bonnie Strawn Says:

    24 and single… Take me away from here so I can meet my love on New Years!!

  131. hayley Says:

    went to the crappy bush last year wouldnt mind being around people thie year and fire works.

  132. Lucy Says:

    I’m a ranga, and every party needs a token ranga!

  133. Ben Mutton Says:

    I dream to be a Vaitor Pirate, permission to aboard???

  134. Nicole Harrill Says:

    This would be a trip of a lifetime!!

  135. Sarah Mandel Says:

    We would love to entertain you! Nosy?

  136. Mark Scammell Says:

    Impossible it seemed
    Until the creator of dreams.
    Thank you Viator

  137. Dawn Says:

    Centre stage at the worlds new dawn, an unforgettable experience

  138. Dinara Says:

    This is my first and last New Year in Sydney

  139. Fiona Says:

    2009 out,
    2010 in,
    aboard the Bella Vista,
    Hope I win!

  140. Dawn Says:

    My impossible dream, not anymore, please choose me Viator

  141. Louisa Says:

    I will Party Party and rock on in the morning

  142. Louisa Says:

    I will make it a memorable night like no other

  143. Dipika Says:

    Want to live the memory for a life time !!!!

  144. John David Cadavid Says:

    Is how I dream to propose my girlfriend. Help me!

  145. Nour Says:

    Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve Cruise is:

    Sophisticated Heart-taking Night Everyone Cherish

  146. David Says:

    VIATOR and Bella Vista, making dreams come true.

  147. David Says:

    Glittering harbour lights, exploding fireworks, twinkle in her eyes…heaven!

  148. Penelope Says:

    Magical fireworks, Bella Vista Dream, New Year’s amazing memorable theme!

  149. Michael Bourke Says:

    …because I’m the captain, it’s important I be there!

  150. Kellie Yelds Says:

    Fireworks and other perks, it all works for me! Cheers!

  151. Julian Cartledge Says:

    ‘Viator’ Sounds Like Aviator!….
    Planes Crash!… Please Let Me Too!

  152. Josie Montano Says:

    S ydney
    Y ay!
    D ynamite
    N ew
    E eve
    Y ear!

  153. Erika Collis Says:

    I am turning 50 and have never seen the fireworks

  154. Winston Gregory Says:

    Married wife for better or worse, cruise must be better.

  155. Danielle Golby Says:

    Aboard the Bella Vista for NYE..I wish

  156. Jay Rayner Says:

    Fireworks & Sydney on NYE
    Bags packed ready to leave

  157. Danielle Golby Says:

    Love to Celebrate 2009 in Sydney Harbour on NYE

  158. Christine Clough Says:

    Aboard the Bella Vista for NYE..I wish

  159. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I Promise To Wear A Tutu And Pom-Poms !

  160. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I have lots of smarties and love New Year’s Parties!

  161. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I am a great naVIgATOR! and AlleVIATOR of people’s boredom!

  162. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I will wear a sandwich board saying ‘Viator El Presidente’!

  163. sheldon morgan Says:

    first new year no kids run amuck

  164. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because my girlfriend is as pretty as a waterfall!

  165. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Viator would take the ‘Tom’ out of Cruise!…Fantastic news!

  166. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I Iz a very good boy and very Handsome 🙂

  167. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I promise to aim skyward over the ship’s rails!

  168. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I promise not to bring my rather large grandmother!

  169. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I will dance!…Not Sit!… And hold all my spritz 🙂

  170. Julian Cartledge Says:

    If not for free, It’s just the cat and me!

  171. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Like flowers to a bee!
    Viator!, You and me 🙂

  172. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Viator..”It’s sad but true, I’m in love with you 🙂

  173. Hunterbargain Says:

    Stuck in the crowd last year, almost fainted.
    Hope there’s a miracle for me this year!



  175. JANE Says:

    “Sydney New Year’s Eve Harbour Cruise” = An Awesome Night!! 🙂

  176. Victoria Says:

    My New Year’s Resolution – Enter competitions and win harbour cruises!

  177. JANE Says:

    Raging NYE Cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  178. Sarah O Says:

    Yearning 4
    i wanna BE

  179. JANE Says:

    Sydney harbour.. here I come… I really need some FUN!!!!! 🙂

  180. JANE Says:

    “Hasta la vista, baby!” I’m going on the Bella Vista!!

  181. henryk Says:

    Viator? Bunch of real cool dudes and gals that share!

  182. henryk Says:

    Allies of
    Original, and
    Representatives of Excellence!

  183. JANE Says:

    Harbour Cruises are great, better at NYE with a mate!

  184. JANE Says:

    Please pick me.. Sydney Harbour I’d love to see!!

  185. Brad Ferg Says:

    Please please please please please please x 1000!!!!!

  186. Sarah March Says:

    I like boats!

  187. JANE Says:

    Want to win this cruise because I hate to loose!!

  188. Julian Cartledge Says:

    On the 31st It’s either ‘Bella Vista’ or playing ‘Twister’

  189. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I’ll be grinning from this New Year to next 🙂

  190. Janelle Says:

    These dynamite Sydney-ites will light up everyone’s night!

  191. JANE Says:

    Fireworks on the harbour and then hopefully fireworks in bed! 🙂

  192. JANE Says:

    Single no plans = sad:( Cruising Sydney Harbour = happy:)

  193. Glenn Says:

    Beats working in the pub at Tallangatta

  194. Lyndall Says:

    Dear Lord
    Me in Sydney in 2010
    That’s it

  195. Karyn West Says:

    Fireworks and beautiful scenery aboard the “Bella Vista”.

  196. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because if Jane goes, I’ll Pay to go! 🙂 hehe!

  197. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I won’t bring any BellaDonna On Board BellaVista!

  198. Julian Cartledge Says:

    And If I Win, I’ll Be Good And Invite Jane 🙂

  199. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I need to find love on the BellaVista! True 🙂

  200. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I want to meet a ‘fashionista’ aboard the Bella vista

  201. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I wanna believe that magic can still happen!

  202. Julian Cartledge Says:

    New Years Eve!, Fireworks Bright! Sydney Harbour! Romantic Delight!

  203. JANE Says:

    Because Julian wants me to win!!

  204. JANE Says:

    And I’ll take Julian with me seeing I am single 🙂

  205. JANE Says:

    VOTE for Julian & Jane aboard the Bella Vista 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!

  206. JANE Says:

    Me want to cruise and drink lots of booze 🙂

  207. julie bennett Says:

    Me want to set sail
    the wind in my hair
    and drink in my hand!

  208. TIFFANY Says:

    it would be the BEST NEW YEARS ever!!!

  209. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Julian & Jane on The BellaVista… equals Fireworks all around!

  210. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because Jane Is So Pretty and Julian just needs pity 🙂

  211. Julian Cartledge Says:

    When the morning arrives, it will have changed our lives 🙂

  212. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Jules & Jane…. Two winners for the price of one!

  213. Kim P Says:


  214. Kelly Wilson Says:

    I could think of nothing better, nor more enjoyable…

  215. jodi burdette Says:

    I have lost 90 pounds in 2009.
    I wanna celebrate!!!

  216. JANE Says:

    Good story.. random couple meet on Viator competition – harbour cruise 🙂

  217. JANE Says:

    Winning would be great.. might even meet my future mate!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  218. JANE Says:

    Wanting to party all night.. hopefully meeting Mr Right 🙂

  219. JANE Says:

    Please pick me and your friend I’ll be 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  220. JANE Says:

    To win a cruise with Jules I’ll follow the rules 🙂

  221. JANE Says:

    Want this so BAD … so I can meet a LAD 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  222. JANE Says:

    Please pick me… I’ll have fun.. you’ll see 🙂 🙂 🙂

  223. JANE Says:

    I need an excuse… just to let loose 🙂 🙂 🙂

  224. kevin L. Says:

    I am a student traveling with a friend, my first time dream vacation to Sydney. lack of financial resource, need help, can not afford the $$$ for cruise. Would be so excited if I can win 2 free to see Fireworks at Sydney Harbor Bridge on NYE.

  225. Karen Says:

    Dazzling fireworks
    Experience of a lifetime!

  226. Gayle Says:

    Bugger Auld acqentance,lets try new acqentance won’t be forgot!

  227. Julian Cartledge Says:

    And I need a real gal, not a ‘blow up moose’ 🙂

  228. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I weally weally need to go on this croooooooooooose!

  229. Julian Cartledge Says:

    ‘Cause if I can’t, I’ts just me and the moose 🙂

  230. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I can’t afford to travel all the way to Talouse!

  231. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Unless I meet a ‘Sugar Gal’ at the new years do 🙂

  232. Matt Says:

    to give my beautiful english girlfriend the best nye ever!!!!

  233. Maz Says:

    New Year’s, I won’t snooze,
    Viator, I’d love this cruise!

  234. Pammy Says:

    Coz a cruise sure beats treading water all night!

  235. Donna Dilger Says:

    I am a poor mother of 5 children.

  236. Lyndall Says:

    Can I put my man ‘overboard?’

  237. Donna Dilger Says:

    Would be a romantic new years with my hubby. xx

  238. Larissa Says:

    I have never been to Sydney for New Years Eve

  239. Larissa Says:

    My husband wont pay to go anywhere for New Years

  240. JANE Says:

    NYE kiss on Harbour Cruise… please don’t let me loose 🙁

  241. JANE Says:

    Party all night… NYE Harbour Cruise.. out of sight!!!

  242. JANE Says:

    Please let me win.. don’t want to have to swim 🙁 :}

  243. JANE Says:

    Cruising NYE night… sounds all right 🙂 🙂 🙂

  244. JANE Says:

    Jules & Jane want a date… I believe in fate 🙂

  245. JANE Says:

    I want to win this.. it would be just bliss 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  246. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because Bella Vista And Viator Could Be The Perfect Matchmaker 🙂

  247. JANE Says:

    Please pick me.. so much fun it will be! 🙂

  248. Julian Cartledge Says:

    See!, He And She That Posts Together, Live Happily Forever 🙂

  249. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Hi Jane!:)… Come sail with me, and Viator makes three:)

  250. JANE Says:

    Jules & Jane cruising together.. memories will last forever 🙂

  251. Kerry Stringer Says:

    Always lived in Sydney, never seen the fireworks – its CRAZY!!

  252. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Viator… We need each other like Bellavista and Sydney Harbour 🙂

  253. JANE Says:

    Jane has found a mate.. .winning now would be great 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  254. JANE Says:

    Bet your over our posts.. but we wanna win mosts 🙂

  255. Julian Cartledge Says:

    For Our begging please don’t refuse for your marvellous cruise 🙂

  256. Kerry Says:

    Sad 2009, leave worries behind, sail to a better 2010!

  257. Julian Cartledge Says:

    For love will blossom as the dawn, Viator brings in!

  258. JANE Says:

    Please pick one of us.. I’ll even catch the bus 🙂

  259. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Bella Vista, Viator And The Seas, Julian Down Upon Knee 🙂

  260. melanie Says:

    A new years cruise,
    I can’t lose,
    pick me to win!

  261. Julian Cartledge Says:

    And so the bus would be blessed, hair a mess!

  262. Julian Cartledge Says:

    But that beautiful cruise would bring out your best x

  263. JANE Says:

    Julian wants me to cruise upon the sea 🙂

  264. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Bella Vista, Bellisimo, Jane and Julian would love to go 🙂

  265. Julian Cartledge Says:

    And Jane will behave.. no need for putting over knee 🙂

  266. JANE Says:

    Jules & Jane cruising on the sea… K.I.S.S.I.N.G 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  267. Julian Cartledge Says:

    For as the stars twinkle, there’d be love under moonlight 🙂

  268. JANE Says:

    Strangers in the night.. cruising the harbour light 🙂

  269. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Sounds silly ya know, But pweeaze let us go… pweeeaze!

  270. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I need to get over my fear of fireworks!. My counsellor said 🙂

  271. JANE Says:

    We will be good… you know you should 🙂

  272. Julian Cartledge Says:

    It was written in scripture. Jane and Jules ya know!

  273. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I also need to find love on Bellavista. Horoscope said 🙂

  274. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Night sweet Jane… ’til tomorrow!. Sweet bella, I bid Goodnight!

  275. Steve Says:

    V ibrant
    I lluminance,
    A ccolades
    T o Viator,
    O bserve new beginnings,
    R elease 2009!

  276. JANE Says:

    Goodnight Jules, have a sleep in… cause tomorrow we WIN 🙂 XO

  277. Pom Says:

    not for me………….for my partner Karen. She works too hard and deserves some extra special treatment.

  278. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because Confuscious say ‘Spam a lot… give you lotsa luck’ 🙂

  279. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Good Luck Everyone! Please let the ‘Bella Vista’ Bug Bite 🙂

  280. JANE Says:

    No other replies.. that will be their demise!

  281. Suzie Says:

    I’m a devoted Melbourne lover – Impress me Sydney!

  282. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because you’d light my face up just like the fireworks 🙂

  283. aazar muhammad Says:

    it has always been my dream to see austrailia even the whole world but i dont think this dream may ever come true!!

  284. Kim Says:

    I would love to give this to my mum

  285. Chantelle Cocks Says:

    My unborn baby would love to hear the fireworks.

  286. Chantelle Cocks Says:

    our first year as married couple off with a bang!

  287. Kathi Says:

    This is a test, can’t leave comments, like the rest!

  288. Christopher K Says:

    No queues!
    Lotsa booze!
    Great views!
    Gimme cruise!
    Love you’s!

  289. Chia Lie Yong Says:

    Don’t need other perks,
    Just want those NYE fireworks!

  290. Lach Says:

    I would be so thirsty and drink lots

  291. JANE Says:

    I hope I have won.. it will be so fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

  292. JANE Says:

    I love you Viator and I’ll see you later 🙂

  293. anna barglowski Says:

    Ive never been to Sydney please let me go

  294. chandni Says:

    Sydney Harbour,
    Have visited you millions of times,
    But this time, I want to experience you,
    Guess what? I’m coming on Viator!

  295. Ben C Says:

    Habour lights festive delight,drink or two why not you?

  296. Michelle Zhuo Says:

    I love to celebrate the dazzling New Year in style.

  297. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because memories will remain from Bella Vista Julian & Jane 🙂

  298. Julian Cartledge Says:

    To hear the foggy ‘sail horn’…. a new year born!

  299. Julian Cartledge Says:

    The year would be etched!.. Sydney Harbour!.. What a sketch!

  300. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I wanna sail with Viator!, the Creator of a new dawn!

  301. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Mummy will dress my nice! I will even brush twice!

  302. Liz Webby Says:


    Won but ME!

  303. JANE Says:

    Lots of beers 🙂
    Lots of cheers 🙂
    Loosing will bring tears 🙁

  304. JANE Says:

    Please let it be mine… I want a good time 🙂 🙂 🙂

  305. JANE Says:

    I’ll update my facebook with Viators great just look 🙂

  306. JANE Says:

    Harbour cruise sounds devine please let it be mine 🙁

  307. JANE Says:

    I don’t have a plan only to find a man 🙂

  308. JANE Says:

    Jules wants me to go please don’t say NO 🙁

  309. JANE Says:

    Evening………………. praying you pick me!! …………….. 🙂

  310. JANE Says:

    ok will leave you alone but make sure you phone 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  311. Julian Cartledge Says:

    That’s rooly funny honey!.. Will you be my ‘honey bunny’ 🙂

  312. JANE Says:

    Until I get the call.. I’ll write on this wall 🙂

  313. JANE Says:

    Yes I want this so bad.. its really quite sad 🙁

  314. JANE Says:

    I want to meet Jules so I’ll follow the rules 🙂

  315. JANE Says:

    He sounds like fun… lets hope I won 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  316. Chris Says:

    Interesting couple
    Totally ready to
    Rock and role the NYE night away

  317. JANE Says:

    If I haven’t won… NYE won’t be any fun 🙁

  318. JANE Says:

    If it’s not the Bella Vista… it’s the dam sister 🙁

  319. JANE Says:

    If I’m the winner… I’ll take you to dinner 🙂

  320. Dianne Says:

    V ery
    I nterseted
    A mazed
    T antalized
    w O uld love it
    R eady for it

  321. Dianne Says:

    Beautiful evening for two, my beautiful man, me and you

  322. Julia Says:

    2009 was lousy I need to see its gone.

  323. Simon Says:

    Cruising Bella Vista VIP via VIATOR that’s a vibrant victory!!

  324. Kerrie Says:

    Have to work 7am – only this will keep me awake!

  325. Scot Says:

    great way to end a prety average year

  326. Mark James Silver Says:

    This Beau wants to show his BELLA the perfect VISTA.

  327. Kim Says:

    You’ll be helping me achieve the Guiness World Record for the most people snogged on a floating vessel on New Year’s Eve

  328. Keith Harkin Says:

    Resident Melbournite prepared to disown city for PROPER celebration.

  329. Keith Harkin Says:

    I am highly intelligent…NYE is three words.

  330. Sonya Says:

    Being ON is more fun than being IN Sydney Harbour

  331. koukla Says:

    Because this will hopefully be my last kid-free year.

  332. eleny Says:

    Desperately need some new year magic after a disastrous year.

  333. Kellie Yelds Says:

    Fireworks on a boat! To my friends I shall gloat.

  334. Michael Bourke Says:

    If I don’t see fireworks, there’ll be waterworks from me! =(

  335. Michael Bourke Says:

    Don’t give in to pressure (spam!), choose at your leisure 😉

  336. spinchic Says:

    Because I’m selfless; just give it to Jules & Jane!

  337. Michael Bourke Says:

    Without Julian and Jane, few posts remain. Choose on merit? 🙂

  338. Julian Cartledge Says:

    I wish everyone the best, nothing more nothing less 🙂

  339. Julian Cartledge Says:

    Because I’m not a hater!… want to sail with Viator!

  340. Philippa Says:

    Pick me to stop Jane and Julian ruining the cruise!

  341. Scott Mc Says:

    Thanks everybody for your contest entries!

    The contest is now closed, stay tuned for the announcement of a winner.