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10 Best Pacific Northwest Hiking Destinations

Middle Sister Oregon

The Pacific Northwest is a backpacker’s dream. With more national parks, national forests, and other protected areas than you can shake a hiking stick at, the dark, damp forests and wild coastal stretches of western Oregon and Washington attract backpackers and hikers from around the world. Volcanoes, mountain meadows, sea stacks, and old growth forests […]

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September 21, 2012 by | 1 Comment

5 Ways to Have Madeira Adventures


Popular with older travelers because it’s hot and rain-free almost all year round, we were warned Madeira could be light on entertainment and more than a bit touristy. But, if you avoid the stacked apartment complexes and venture west along the coast, you can definitely have your own Madeira adventures. Popular with older travelers because […]

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Eco-Adventures Near Arenal, Costa Rica

Lake Arenal

Sandwiched between two oceans at the narrow southern tip of Central America, Costa Rica boasts an impressive range of attractive vacation experiences, mostly centered on its rich ecology.

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August 24, 2012 by | 2 Comments

Your Own Amazing Race: 6 Adventure Competitions Around the World

Tough Mudder

Ranging from a few hours to a few weeks, athletic competitions are one of many reasons to pack a bag and hit the road. If navigating unknown territory, breaking into a sweat and undertaking physically demanding activities is your idea of a good vacation, get your race on at one of these competitions.

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6 Adventure Destinations in Guatemala

Lago Atitlan

Biodiversity hotspot Guatemala has fourteen distinct ecoregions: wetlands, cloud forests, tropical jungles and more. Its natural beauty, archeological wonders, and reasonable prices make this small Central American country an excellent site for adventure travel.

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11 Adventure Activities in South America


For those looking for adventure, South America is full of options. Whether you’re looking to dive with sharks, bike precarious paths overlooking steep cliffs, venture deep into the world’s largest jungle, or trek for days on end through unworldly terrain, this continent has you covered. While there are hundreds of daring options, here are 10 […]

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July 25, 2012 by | 4 Comments

Olympic Medal Ceremony: Our Picks for the Best Destinations Around the World

Bali beach

The London 2012 Olympics doesn’t start until July 27, but we’ve already given out our medals for the Travel Olympics.

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8 of America’s Lesser-Known National Parks

Petrified Forest in Arizona - photo courtesy of Barb Mayer via Flickr

The U.S. National Park system is arguably one of the greatest collections of preserved space the world has ever seen. From snow-capped glacial peaks to meandering coastal shorelines, some of the United States‘ most awe-inspiring natural sights are found within the national parks. That being said, utter the phrase “national park” and most people will […]

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April 24, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Coming Soon: Viator Space Excursions

Viator Space Excursions

We at Viator take pride in being a leader in the tourism industry. We work hard staying on top of the latest travel trends, keeping ourselves informed of up-and-coming travel destinations, and constantly looking for new and exciting experiences for our customers. Currently on Viator.com you can find thousands of land, water, and air activities […]

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April 1, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Top 10 Helicopter Tours

"Sweet view!"

Often described as a “once in a lifetime experience”, helicopter tours offer you a unique opportunity to see the world’s most famous icons and cities from above. Only in a helicopter can you hover, land and gain access to areas that would otherwise be off limits to tourists. It’s a great way to start or […]

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