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The World’s Top 10 Classical Music Cities

tokyo concert hall

What makes a great concert hall? The conductor? Acoustics? Its design? All these elements come together in the concert halls of the world’s top 10 classical music cities.

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The World’s Strangest Buildings

The Atomium

Architecture is the art we live in. The manipulation of the space that encloses us can inspire awe, terror, joy, and sometimes (as is the case with the buildings in this list) bafflement. If you’re looking for something new – or just plain strange – in your architecture, here are nine buildings around the world […]

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Five of the Most Beautiful Temples in Southeast Asia

Wat Rong Khun

Southeast Asia has many advantages that make it an ideal destination for international travelers. For one thing, the warm weather makes many of its exotic beaches a prime location. In the cities and on the road, it is also extremely affordable and the big attractions are mostly surrounded by accommodations for any budget. Then, of […]

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March 26, 2012 by | 4 Comments

Top 5 Gaudi Sights in Barcelona

Rooftop of Gaudi's La Pedrera - Casa Mila

Here are the top 5 don’t miss Gaudi sights in Barcelona – before you set off though, save time by prebooking your tickets as the queues are often horrendously long for these popular sights.

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March 23, 2012 by | 1 Comment

[PHOTOS] Top Delhi Historical Sites

Sikh Temple

As the capital of India, Delhi is home not only to the heart of India’s government, but also features incredible cultural opportunities and shopping at plazas such as Connaught Place. But with record of regular inhabitation since the 6th century BC, the city’s rich and layered history is worth exploring as well. Here are five […]

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Top 5 Venice Churches

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

It’s never easy trying to make sense of Venice’s meandering backstreets and dead-end alleys, but who in their right mind would try to follow a map in this famously confusing city? When you make it your mission to visit as many churches as you can squeeze into your five-day Venice itinerary, sometimes you just have […]

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Europe’s Castles & Chateaux: Why so Popular?

Viator iPhone Appication

Viator offers quite an array of tours that showcase the magnificent castles and chateaux of Europe, and they are consistently amongst our highest rated tours. What is it about a day spent wandering around old buildings that people find so appealing? I decided to investigate; here are my findings…

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June 20, 2011 by | 1 Comment

Chicago: The Best-Looking Skyline in the World

Chicago has the world’s greatest skyline. Yes, it’s a bold claim, but it’s rare to find anyone who will manage to go to Chicago and not be wowed by the buildings that dominate its centre.

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October 26, 2010 by | 3 Comments

Washington DC: A Contemporary Architecture Tour

No surprise, Washington DC is a city deeply rooted in American history. Its urban fabric is adorned with grand monuments and patriotic memorials, often cast in severe neoclassical forms to highlight their historical prominence. This doesn’t mean Washington DC is stuck in the past. In fact there’s a growing collection of buildings here that speak […]

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Atlas Obscura: DYI Temples, Castles, Cathedrals

For those of you anxiously awaiting this next installment of wonder-inspiring, off-the-beaten-path places that don’t make it into traditional guidebooks. This week’s Atlas Obscura theme is self-built temples (in Italy), castles (in the U.S.) and cathedrals (in Spain)!

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September 30, 2009 by | 2 Comments