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Europe’s Most Accessible Cities (and Tips for Getting Around With Limited Mobility)

According to figures released by the UN, there are 650 million people living in this world with some sort of disability, with around eight million of those from Europe, which also has a population that is aging. That’s a huge section of the population and one that until recently was not well served when traveling […]

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March 21, 2013 by | 1 Comment

Underground Berlin: A First-Hand Look at Berlin’s Buried History

I make my way to the meeting point in Berlin, at Gesundbrunnen, feeling a slight degree of trepidation. The Cold War is a mystery to me, as is most of modern history. I was a little worried that I’d be spending the next few hours with boffins and military enthusiasts than someone like myself. I […]

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September 8, 2012 by | 8 Comments

East Berlin’s Top 10 Things to Do

Many of Berlin’s most interesting attractions are in the eastern part of the city or around where the wall used to run. And we’ve picked out 10 of the best things to see and do in Berlin…

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July 20, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Top Things to Do in Berlin

Berlin was the world’s largest construction site has been battered and bruised, divided but never conquered. It’s defiant, it’s determined, it’s open-minded. And it’s affordable. No wonder it’s full of artists. Here are the top things to do in Berlin.

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June 15, 2012 by | 2 Comments

Team Europe Update: Ryan & Asha in Berlin

asha beer

After a fun time in Amsterdam, Ryan and Asha hopped on a train to Berlin. Read on to find out what they did on their first stop in Germany!

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10 of the Best Cities to Explore by Bike

Norway trampe

Whether you’re a health fanatic or just a curious traveler on the hunt for an adventure, biking is an ideal way to explore a city. There’s nothing quite like taking in the sights and sounds of a new destination as you whip past monuments, street vendors and public parks. Due to the increased popularity of […]

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April 9, 2012 by | 4 Comments

[VIDEO] Potsdam Half Day Trip from Berlin


Sometimes part of what prevents me from being touristic is the very idea of being a tourist. You know the sort; that classic straitjacket-backpacked/waterbottle-holstered/zip-off-lightweight-rainproofed-pant-clad/happy-camper image? It’s not so much the look that concerns me as the association that goes with it. Walking. And by God have I done my far share of touristic walking. That […]

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[VIDEO] Berlin City Hop-on Hop-off Tour

Berliner Dom

48 hours, 16 drop off and departure points, and two modes of transport make the Berlin City Hop-on Hop-off Tour the ideal way to see the city of Berlin.

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[VIDEO] Berlin Bike Tour: Berlin Wall and Cold War

Berlin Wall bike tour

It’s 4 degrees Celsius and I’m cold to the bone. I’m about to get on a bike for four hours. Cycling comes with an abundance of scrupulously studied and proven benefits. We all know this. Cycling reduces stress levels, improves sleep quality and greatly enhances your general well-being. This may bear thinking about when it […]

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DIY: Punk Backpacker in Berlin

The truth of the matter is, being punk in Berlin starts with an attitude, which is how the whole punk thing got started in the first place. Back in the glory days, the attitude came from your politics: social change, dissatisfaction with the way things were and nonviolent direct action. And like any decent cowboy […]

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January 19, 2012 by | 20 Comments