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10 Things to See and Do in Winnipeg

Winnipeg skyline

Looking for fun in Manitoba’s capital city? Whether you’re into culture or nature, we’ve got 10 things to see and do in Winnipeg.

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Top 8 Places to See the Northern Lights

Norway Northern Lights

While travelers flock to the world’s northernmost countries for a glimpse of the Northern Lights, seeing them is no exact science and there’s no guarantee that you’ll see them. Thankfully, 2013 falls within the Solar Maximum period (occurring every 11 years), when increased magnetic activity offers the greatest opportunity for spotting the Northern Lights. From the snow-enveloped wilderness of Siberia to the northernmost tip of Canada, here are some of the best places to see the Northern Lights. So wrap up warm, pick a crisp, clear night and cross your fingers.

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Top 25 Things to Do in North America: 2015 Viator Travel Awards

Explore the Big Apple

You’ll find all kinds of activities listed below, including historic exploration in Cancun and Washington, D.C., enjoying the great outdoors in British Columbia and Miami, and acting like a kid again in Orlando and San Diego. Join us for this tour of the Top 25 Things to Do in North America!

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How to Spend Three Days in Whitehorse, Canada

When I first arrived in Whitehorse, the capital of Canada’s northern Yukon Territory, I expected to find a rough-edged old mining town that had seen better days. But today’s small city has moved well beyond the cliché of the bearded old prospector squatting over a gold pan and then spending his winnings at the local saloon.

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10 Outdoor Activities to Enjoy in Victoria, B.C.

Whale Watching in Victoria

What so many visitors to the area love about Victoria is that it offers many different opportunities for outdoor activities and entertainment. It doesn’t matter if someone is looking for an adrenaline rush in the surrounding mountains, or just a stroll in the afternoon, there are plenty of things to keep any type of traveler busy.

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Meet Andy Smith, a Private Tour Guide in Halifax, Canada

Meet Andy!

Although originally from the United States, Canadian adoptee Andy Smith has made Halifax his home for more than twenty years. During this time he has become an expert in all thing Nova Scotia. With his keen interest in local history, culture and the arts, Andy is the perfect guide to have along on your trip around Halifax.

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Highlights of Halifax

The view of Halifax from George's Island

Halifax great year round destination (if you don’t mind a little snow in the winter) but is at its very best in the late summer and early fall months. Here are some highlights of Halifax.

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10 Best Places to Hike in the World

Mount Cook in New Zealand

Whether climbing Everest is at the top of your bucket list or you’d prefer a gentle hike through the British countryside, the world is full of jaw-dropping natural landscapes that beg to be discovered on foot. From Iceland’s otherworldly topography to unveiling the real Middle Earth in New Zealand, here are 10 of the best places to hike in the world.

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Meet Private Tour Guide Raisa Shuster in Toronto

Meet Raisa!

Meet Raisa Shuster, one of Viator’s local experts in Toronto with a license to provide private tours. With more than nine years of experience as a tour guide, Raisa Shuster knows what it takes to make your tour of Toronto a unique experience.

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Finding Europe in North America: Cities with International Culture

What makes a city European if it’s not actually in Europe? Well, that depends on what each traveler thinks of as European. For the purposes of this article, we’re looking at places in North America that have a Euro-style look, and that will give you the sense that you’ve landed in Europe when you actually haven’t. To really experience Europe, of course, you have to go to Europe – but these places offer the next best thing.

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