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17 of the World’s Most Extraordinary National Parks

Hakone National Park

Yellowstone was the world’s first national park. As the US National Park Service turns 100 years old this year, people from around the country (and globe) are flocking to these iconic reserves. US National Parks now number more than 400 and welcomed more than 305 million visitors in 2015. The idea of creating protected wilderness […]

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10 Travel Adventures to Enjoy While You Still Can

Floating in the Dead Sea

With the effects of climate change ever more apparent and mass tourism transforming landscapes beyond recognition, the clock is ticking on many of the world’s most popular destinations. Whether you want to get up close to endangered wildlife, discover natural wonders or visit ancient landmarks while they’re still standing, there’s no time like the present. […]

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Top 25 Haunted Places Around the World

Dublin has plenty of haunted landmarks.

There are 25 haunted spots featured on this list, and plenty more around the world besides. How do you pick just one each year in which to spend your Halloween? Well, the good news is that these places retain their scary reputations year-round, so even if only one of them makes the cut for October […]

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The Rums of Central America

Centario rum

One of the great benefits of traveling through Central America is that it’s easy to find really good rum for a ridiculously low price. While most people associate rum with the Caribbean, many of the best ones actually come from the mainland of Central America. They might not be as famous or as heavily marketed […]

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The World’s Cheapest Countries for Backpackers

Istanbul market

Backpacking around the world can be surprisingly cheap if you don’t mind roughing it at times and are willing to arrange your trip independently. For those on the tightest budget, look towards the developing world when creating your itinerary: Here you’ll find the potency of your experience in relation to the amount you spend will […]

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Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Estate and Sarchi Arts and Craft Tour

In Costa Rica, you are never far from a volcano, coffee, or handicrafts, and this day trip from San José took us to all three, in the comfort of a small tour.

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Eco-Adventures Near Arenal, Costa Rica

Lake Arenal

Sandwiched between two oceans at the narrow southern tip of Central America, Costa Rica boasts an impressive range of attractive vacation experiences, mostly centered on its rich ecology.

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August 24, 2012 by | 2 Comments

Olympic Medal Ceremony: Our Picks for the Best Destinations Around the World

Bali beach

The London 2012 Olympics doesn’t start until July 27, but we’ve already given out our medals for the Travel Olympics.

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The Most Inspiring Hot Air Balloon Views

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride

Traveling is all about opening our eyes to new cultures and there’s no better viewpoint than high in the sky. Surprisingly, hot air balloon rides are relatively inexpensive in most countries and the photographs we leave with are well worth the cost. From the historic sites of Luxor and Angkor Wat to the wild Australian […]

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Costa Rica Pacific Coast Beaches

Much of the draw to Costa Rica is the natural beauty, from waterfalls to volcanoes to cloud forests to rolling hills. Natural landmarks that many would have to travel across multiple countries to experience can be found within the borders of Costa Rica. The beaches of Costa Rica are no exception. However, while the general […]

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