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Game of Thrones Film Sites Around the World

The Alcázar of Seville

The HBO award-winning fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, returns for its sixth season this April, just in time to help inspire your summer travels. Dedicated Game of Thrones tours now run in all the key filming locations, so you can voyage to the wild landscapes North of the Wall or follow in the footsteps of […]

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Best TV and Film Tours Around the World

Highclere Castle

Taking a vacation can be all about escape — and the same can be said about losing ourselves in the movies and TV shows we love. It’s only natural, then, for film and TV buffs to combine the two when traveling by visiting famous shooting locations around the world. Sometimes you’ll find out that a […]

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Following London’s Most Famous Detective on a Sherlock Holmes Tour

Sherlock Holmes tour in London

Whether you’re a fan of Doyle’s books, Ritchie’s films or Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of the character on BBC’s Sherlock, London is your destination for all things Sherlock Holmes. And the best way to experience the city like Holmes is to actually walk in his footsteps.

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June 20, 2013 by | 1 Comment

Chicago Movie Tour

Biograph Theater

As we ride down Lower Wacker in downtown Chicago, Elwood from the Blues Brothers appears on the video screen, delivering his classic line, “Well this is definitely Lower Wacker Drive… If my estimations are correct, we should be very close to the honorable Richard J. Daley Plaza!”

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The Original Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg


I was able to go on The Original Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg, the same tour that actors from the film and the real Von Trapp family have gone on.

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November 21, 2012 by | 3 Comments

Superhero Walking Tour of New York

Overlook bar - wall of sketches

The Superhero Walking Tour of New York uses the scenery of the publishing capital of the world to show the progression of comics from paper to the silver screen – and shows a magnificent undertone of the capital that may otherwise be completely lost.

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October 24, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Hobbiton and Waitomo Caves Tour


Located in Matamata on New Zealand’s North Island, Hobbiton is the film set used for The Shire in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as The Hobbit, of which the first part of premieres in Wellington this November. This is just one of a few stops on the Waitomo Caves and ‘The Lord […]

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October 4, 2012 by | 1 Comment

Follow the Lord of the Rings in New Zealand


While Middle Earth may be a fictional combo of legend and lore, the actual setting for the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies couldn’t be more real. Shot on location in some of the most scenic corners of New Zealand, a series of Lord of the Rings tours and Hobbit tours now allow […]

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September 13, 2012 by | 2 Comments

Finding Magic on “The Making of Harry Potter” Tour in London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter

It’s every Harry Potter lover’s dream – to step into the Great Hall of Hogwarts, to climb aboard the Knight Bus, to see Professor Snape’s Potions classroom in real life. And, at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – “The Making of Harry Potter,” these sorts of dreams become reality.

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11 Movies to Inspire Travel

There are few better sources of inspiration than movies. The dramatic scenery, the complex character development, the range of raw emotions—all are elements of films which successfully make the viewer feel as if we’re there. When it comes to travel, movies give us the ability to soar across the world and experience foreign cultures without […]

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August 2, 2012 by | 2 Comments