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Six Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

Take time to stretch your legs

Summer is the best time for a road trip, especially if you’re looking for a bit of adventure and spontaneity. The open road can provide spectacular views and crazy stories … or leave you and your carmates stir crazy and desperate for an escape. Whether the drive is the means to a vacation destination or the vacation itself, a little preparation can turn what could be a cramped, monotonous disaster into an unforgettable journey. Here are a few tips to help keep you and your travel companions sane during the drive.

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Best Practices for Keeping Your Gear Safe While Traveling

Since you can’t fit everything into a backpack or suitcase, most of what gets packed for trips are the essentials. Few things disrupt a trip more than lost, stolen or damaged gear. Losing a laptop or camera while on the road can make a person feel like a turtle without a shell. Fortunately, most theft and loss can be avoided with a good dose of mindfulness, something you should bring with you everywhere you go. The advice here comes from personal experience, meetings with U.S. Embassy security personnel and an interview with self-defense expert Ron Fortin.

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12 Great Travel Gifts to Show Mom You Care on Mother’s Day

Helicopter ride over the Statue of Liberty

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching — it’s May 10th this year — and for those who haven’t yet planned something special, there is still time. Instead of simply getting a gift or taking mom to dinner, think about treating her to a special experience you both can enjoy together. Here are our top picks for things to do with mom on Mother’s Day.

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How To Stay Healthy and Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

Stay healthy while you travel!

Actively thinking about how to stay healthy while traveling, exercising caution, and arming yourself with knowledge of what to do if you do get sick should be on the top of every traveler’s priority list. The following information comes from veteran travelers, doctors, and healthcare professionals. Adopt these practices and keep yourself healthy and alive.

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Top Travel Fears and How to Conquer Them

Travel fears may start small, but they can take over and quash the very spirit that inspires us to explore the world. Here are ways to manage some of the most common fears associated with travel, from flight phobias to the specter of food poisoning.

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10 Must-Pack Items for a Europe Winter Trip

The weather in Europe in the wintertime is fickle. From sunny and mild in southern parts of the continent to downright frigid in others, packing for the winter months can be a challenge depending on where you are going and your length of stay. The good news is it doesn’t have to be. The key to any good packing job is being able to mix and match, layer to warm up, and peel off to cool down. So, what are the essentials to make sure you’ve got everything you need for a stylish European vacation?
The good news is it doesn’t have to be.

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20 Festivals Worth Traveling for in January

Niagara Falls

If you aren’t partied-out after New Year’s Eve, the rest of January awaits you. Consisting of some of the world’s most interesting – even controversial – festivals, the rest of the month puts New Year’s Eve to shame.

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The World’s Top 50 Travel Destinations in 2015


Where will you go in 2015? We can’t plan your vacations for you, but we can certainly help you narrow your wish list of destinations with our annual Top 50 Travel Destinations list. No, we don’t propose that you visit all 50 in a year – although, hey, that’s an admirable goal – merely that you take these 50 places into consideration when planning your 2015 travels.

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Where to Go in December

Winter is here, so break out your coats and scarves — or sunglasses depending on where you’re going — and get ready for our great deals for the month of December.

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25 Places to Spend Christmas Around the World

Philippines parol

With city skylines glittering with illuminations and enough festive delicacies to make everyone loosen their belt buckles a few notches, the Christmas season is upon us once again. The only question is: where should you spend the big day?

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