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Top 5 Venice Churches

Santa Maria dei Miracoli

It’s never easy trying to make sense of Venice’s meandering backstreets and dead-end alleys, but who in their right mind would try to follow a map in this famously confusing city? When you make it your mission to visit as many churches as you can squeeze into your five-day Venice itinerary, sometimes you just have […]

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Riding overnight trains in Europe

Europe train schedule

There’s not too much glamour in travel these days. Crowded waiting rooms, endless queues, lost luggage, missed flights – it’s no wonder you hear the word ‘cattle’ on your fellow travellers’ lips. There’s one way to glimpse something of travel’s former glory, and that’s by taking an overnight European train journey in a self-contained sleeper. […]

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Top 12 Festivals around the World

Masked participants at the Carnevale celebrations in Venice

Need some help with your travel itinerary? Why not take inspiration from the world’s rich smorgasbord of festivals, and plan your next vacation around the dates and locations of some of the planet’s most exciting events. To get you started, here’s our top 12 far-flung festivities, one for every month of the year…

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Europe’s Top 6 Eating Experiences

High Tea in London

Try this with your friends: say the name of a city they’ve been to and most likely they’ll come up with a one-word, sensory delight that sums the place up for them. For example, Lisbon – ‘oh, the fish; Munich – ‘ah, the beer’; Paris – ‘ooh, the croissants’. Well here are a few of […]

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Venice in a Day

Ponte di Rialto, the most important bridge in Venice

If you’ve only got a day to see this jewel of the Adriatic, there are a few ground rules that you need to obey. Firstly, be selective in what you want to see. Don’t try to cover everything. Venice is such a treasure trove that it would be impossible to do it justice in just […]

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[VIDEO] Venice Walking Tour and Gondola Ride


Escape into the myriad of alleyways in San Marco, explore hidden Venice and glide effortlessly on a gondola down the Grand Canal. Learn the secrets of the construction of this jewel of the Adriatic and the race against time to preserve it and all its splendid magnificence. The Venice Walking Tour and Gondola Ride starts […]

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Buon Compleanno Italia! Happy Birthday Italy!

Celebrations across town

When you think of Italy it is hard to get beyond images of ancient Romans filing into the Colosseum in its heyday; Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel or carving David’s steely thighs. So how can it be that Italy is this year celebrating its 150th birthday?

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Venice Expert Luisella Reports: Glass blowing in Murano

Niched in the Venetian lagoon, the island of Murano has been the center of glass blowing since 1291. From vases to chandeliers and beads creations, your visit to Murano will have you see art pieces of all colors and shapes! Find out more about glass blowing in Murano in the complete article Glass blowing in […]

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My Venice Walking Tour

What’s the secret to Venice? Comfortable shoes. But please, this does not mean you should throw style out the window. Venice is a stylish city. Paved in marble. Actually, more correctly I think it’s Istrian stone from across the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. Whatever it is, it’s hard. Very tiring on the legs and feet. […]

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Suggested Itineraries & Top Attractions in Venice

Venice is a conundrum, it is gorgeous but over-run with admirers. It can be flashy and cliche and yet around a corner can reveal a hidden and unexpected beauty. It draws you in so that you forget to notice all the cracks on the surface, the continuous face lifts, the flooding, the smell. In spite […]

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