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Meet a Guide: Mindy Chia in Singapore

Meet Mindy Chia, one of Viator’s local experts on the island of Singapore and Singapore City. Mindy’s extensive knowledge of Singapore City, her friendly disposition and endless curiosity (as well as fluency in both English and Chinese) make her the perfect guide for delving deep into one of the most polished places on earth.

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A Local’s Guide to Rome

Born and raised in Rome, Dino Margiotta has always been fascinated by the city’s winding cobblestone streets, famous sights and rich history. His love for his hometown inspired him to pursue a Ph.D. in history from the University of Rome. Today he shares his passion and extensive knowledge with visitors, working as a private Viator guide and creating custom tours for travelers interested in Rome’s food, culture and history.

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April 7, 2014 by | 1 Comment

Meet Maria Tsami, a Private Guide in Athens

Maria Tsami

It was Maria Tsami’s passion for traveling and an ongoing fascination with the history of her native Greece that led her into her career as a travel guide. It is a profession she adores, and she is eager to spread her enthusiasm with you, unfolding the secrets of her country in the most enchanting way.

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Meet Safiye Kaban, a Private Guide in Istanbul

If you’re coming to Istanbul and want to get as much as you can out of your trip, then Safiye Kaban is the tour guide for you. Though she was born in a small town on the Black Sea, Safiye has spent a good deal of her life living in and guiding travelers around her beloved adopted city, and knows what it takes to make a great tour.

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Meet Zach Hatta, a Private Guide in Kuala Lumpur

Zach Hatta

As a seasoned world traveler, Zach Hatta knows what it’s like to suffer through outdated guidebook information, misleading maps, touts, scams and tourist traps. His mission is to steer you clear of such troubles and to help you to navigate his fascinating country so that you do not have to suffer the same.

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Meet Luciano de Abreu, a Private Guide in Sao Paulo

As a typical Paulistano born and raised in São Paulo, Luciano de Abreu loves to introduce and share his knowledge of his native city with non-Paulistanos. Put quite simply, he loves working as a professional licensed tour guide, and this enthusiasm, in addition to his vast knowledge of the history, geography and culture of Brazil, will give you an experience of São Paulo that you won’t soon forget. Luciano private guide in Sao Paulo

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Top 10 Private Guides: 2014 Viator Travel Awards

Rob and Kang know how to have fun.

We’ve analyzed travelers’ reviews and studied our bookings to compile our end-of-the-year guide awards. From the highest rated guide to the most popular newcomer, we present you with the top members of our team. Drum roll please! Introducing the Top 10 Private Guides of 2013.

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December 17, 2013 by | 4 Comments

Meet Tugrul Sokmen, a Private Guide in Turkey

Meet Tugrul!

For Tugrul Sokmen, working as a licensed tour guide in Turkey is more a passion than a job. This is evident to all who arrange a tour with him. An obsessive lifetime learner who loves to meet with new people and share his in-depth knowledge of Turkey’s history and culture, Tugrul has worked in almost every field of the tourism industry for more than 12 years.

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Meet Francesca Maria Casertano, a Private Guide in Rome

Meet Francesca!

Having been born and raised in Rome, Francesca Maria Casertano possesses a native’s intimate knowledge of Italy’s exuberant capital. Not only is she full of the sort of lesser-known facts and anecdotes that can truly bring Rome to life, she is also a licensed tourist guide and archaeologist who has worked at some of the sites you will visit, allowing her to provide an impressive amount of detail on each site.

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Meet Patricia Valenzuela, a Private Guide in Peru

Meet Patricia!

As an authorized professional tour guide based in Northern Peru, Patricia Valenzuela offers private, custom-designed tours to some of the country’s richest archaeological sites. “Enlightening, Enthusiastic and Enjoyable Tours” is Patricia’s slogan, and she strives to assure that all of her services maintain the high standard of quality that have always characterized her work in the tourism industry.

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