Top 10 Travel Photos: 2015 Viator Travel Awards

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The Top 10 Travel Photos of 2014!

The Top 10 Travel Photos of 2015!

A picture, we are told, is worth a thousand words. Never does this feel more true than when we capture a unique moment during our travels, a photograph we’ll look back on for years to come and smile as we’re brought back to that very second when we clicked the shutter. Being able to share those photographs, those moments, with other people who want to have that same experience is one of the many benefits of snapping the photo in the first place.

Every year Viator travelers – people like you – submit thousands of photographs from their trips to share their joy as they got out to see the world. At the end of each year, our Viator Travel Team selects our favorites and from there we present to you – in no particular order – the Top 10 Travel Photos of 2014. 

Which of these travel photos will inspire your next trip?


Enjoying a submarine scooter adventure in Hawaii

Enjoying a submarine scooter adventure in Hawaii

Diana R. submitted this awesome picture of her having an amazing time on a submarine scooter adventure while in Oahu.


ATVing in Queenstown

ATVing in Queenstown

Jocelyn D. captured this photo on a break from ATV off-roading in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Puerto Plata

Cayo Paraiso Deserted Island Tour from Puerto Plata

Cayo Paraiso Deserted Island Tour from Puerto Plata

Another Viator traveler, bogiebnch, also decided to go under the sea while on a Cayo Paraiso Deserted Island Tour from Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. Look at all the marine wildlife swarming around him!


Making friends with a baby panda

Making friends with a baby panda

This once-in-a-lifetime photo was taken by kvpogoda while on enjoying a  Half-Day Chengdu Panda Breeding Center Tour with Optional Baby Panda Holding in China. Everyone loves baby pandas and we’re personally jealous of everyone who gets to experience this tour!

Las Vegas

"Who pushed meeee!"

“Who pushed meeee!”

Ian M. beautifully captions this photo of himself tandem skydiving in Las Vegas. The “City of Sin” is all about pushing yourself to the limits. If you don’t care for taking a gamble on the casino floor, why not take to the skies?


Tower of London covered in red poppies

Tower of London covered in red poppies

Nick was able to visit the Tower of London during the poppy installation wherein the tower and moat were surrounded and covered by red flowers to memorialize World War I. With his  Tower of London Entrance Ticket Including Crown Jewels and Beefeater Tour, he saw all those ceramic flowers that commemorate British fatalities.


Florence Vespa Tour

Florence Vespa Tour

Ahh, Florence. What could be better than waking up to this view before heading out on the Italian scooter to sample Italy’s finest? We love Fiona V.’s composition as the sun shines just over the Tucan rooftops.

Giza pyramids

See the Giza pyramids by camel back

See the Giza pyramids by camel back

Bernie took one of our dream vacations, touring the pyramids at Giza by camel back. What a great way to explore not only the ruins, but also the landscape and culture.

Valley of Fire

Guide JJ looks like he knows what he's doing in the Valley of Fire!

Guide JJ looks like he knows what he’s doing in the Valley of Fire!

Yuhui H. snapped this fun picture of her guide JJ as they traversed through the Valley of Fire on a day trip from Las Vegas . Take a break from the bright lights and sounds of the strip by hiking the beautiful desert that surrounds this oasis.


Sandboarding in Dubai

Sandboarding in Dubai

We’re used to seeing travelers hang ten on big waves in Oahu, but surfing on sand takes adventure to a whole new level. Maybe that’s why this year’s favorite photo, taken by Anton, coasting down the massive dunes of Dubai on the 4×4 Sandboarding Safari caught our eyes. Looks like surfing on sand is about to get a lot more popular!

Congratulations to our winning photographers from 2015!

We want to thank each of the Viator travelers who submitted photographs of their 2015 trips.

We always love seeing the photos taken during your travels, because it lets us know you’re enjoying the travel experiences we offer on Viator. Keep submitting your photos throughout the year, and you just might see your images featured in our next list of the best travel photos!

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Viator Travel Awards, an annual awards competition where we – along with our readers, travelers, and fans – select the top things to do and see in each of the major regions we serve, the top things to do in our most popular tour categories, and more.

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– Viator Travel Team

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