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In the wild world of apps we live in, travelers now have tens of thousands of available iPhone apps at the ready to enhance their travel experience. Problem is, which ones are the best? So we did our research and handpicked what we think are the best travel apps on the planet. From translation and packing to on-the-ground and travel planning apps, here are our top choices to help you make your next vacation easier than ever.

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Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android, let’s take off!

1. Skype

Skype is without a doubt the cheapest way to keep in touch while you’re traveling. All you need is Wi-Fi or 3G and you can make video calls or send instant messages over mobile for free to other Skype users. If you’re calling to a regular phone, the service offers reduced rate calls. Cost: free. Works for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android.

2. Kayak

Need an easy way to book hotel rooms and flights? Kayak is fast and simple. The easy-to-use interfaces lets you scroll through fares, choose flight preferences and times, and sort your results by their trademark sliders. Hotels are easy to book, too, and come with descriptions, photos, and rates. Cost: free. Works for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Don't get stuck using a payphone in the snow! These travel apps will get where you need to go.

3. JiWire

Navigating a city to find a Wi-Fi spot can be a chore. JiWire‘s Wi-Fi Finder makes it easy, with mapped listings of both free and paid hot spots in your vicinity. Best part is the app will find Wi-Fi spots in more than 140 countries, and just a click on an icon will give you directions to the nearest spot. Cost: free. Works for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android.

4. Google Translate

One of my personal favorites, Google Translate enables you to translate phrases via keypad or by using the speaking option. Set the language you want to translate from (more than 50 languages), then the one to translate to. Cost: free. Works for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Don't miss your flight! Track times, find airport maps and more with these apps.

5. TripIt

Stay organized while you’re traveling with this handy app. TripIt keeps your itineraries in one place, from flight information and hotel reservations to activities and dinner reservations. You can also export the information to your calendar, so if you misplace your phone, you won’t misplace your travel plan. Cost: Free. Works for Blackberry, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android.

6. Yelp

We’ve all used Yelp online before, but as an app, Yelp is great to find locations for everything from restaurants and pharmacies to movie theaters and retail stores. Plus, as with the online version, you get all the user reviews you want, along with addresses and directions, which it gets from your phone’s GPS. You can even bookmark your locations. Cost: free. Works for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android.

Instagram + Legoland = fun photos!

7. Instagram

With the ever-improving mobile camera quality, taking pictures while you travel has never been easier—or more fun! Instagram allows you to customize the look and feel of your photo, whether you want the image sepia-toned or blurred on the edges like a fish-eye shot. From here, you can easily share it on social media sites like Facebook and Google+. Cost: free. Works for iPhone/iPad, Android.

8. Trip Advisor

A traveler’s favorite biased companion, Trip Advisor is a must-have iPhone app. Like its older online sister, TA lists thousands of restaurants, hotels, and attractions, all complete with reviews and recommendations. If you want to submit your own recommendation and photo, the app allows you to do that, too. Cost: free. Works for iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows.

9. HopStop

Need to find the easiest and fastest way to get around the city? HopStop will get you there, using a combination of transport methods including rail, bus, walking, and taxis. You can use the app in nearly 20 cities in Europe and the U.S. Cost: free. Works for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows.

10. FlightTrack Pro

Stay on top of your flight status with this handy travel app that not only keeps you updated with gate numbers and flight times, but also provides terminal maps, flight alerts, and weather delays. FlightTrack Pro lists more than 5,000 airports and monitors flights from more than 1,400 airlines. Cost: $9.99 Works for Blackberry, iPhone/iPad, Android.

11. Packing Pro

Packing for a trip takes some thought; you want to make sure you have essentials alongside necessary items for spontaneous adventures. Next thing you know, you’re at your destination and you’ve realized you’ve forgotten something. This is where Packing Pro comes in. A favorite app for all types of travelers, Packing Pro allows you to make lists, create trip templates (business, family, etc.) for easy reference, and design a preset list of reminders. Essential! Cost: $2.99 Works for iPhone/iPad.

– William Travis

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  1. Tim Hunt Says:

    You have a lot of great suggestions here. Would be looking at some of the apps listed above. I’ve recently purchased 25 things to do in Milan and I find it pretty good for a $0.99 travel app. It has a map that works offline and also features 25 of the best POIs in Milan. Makes it easier for me to find the spots that I should visit while vacationing in Milan. Thumbs up for both Instagram and Skype. Have been using them on my travels and both of them make it easier for me to connect with my friends – Instagram for taking pictures that I share on my Facebook account and Skype for free video calls. Keep on posting!