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Welcome to this year's Top 25 Things to Do in Asia!

Welcome to this year’s Top 25 Things to Do in Asia!

Editor’s Note: This post is part of the Viator Travel Awards, an annual awards competition where we – along with our readers, travelers, and fans – select the top things to do and see in each of the major regions we serve, the top things to do in our most popular tour categories, and more.

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Welcome to the 2014 Viator Travel Awards: Asia Edition! In the past, we’ve focused on specific tours for each item on this list, but this year we thought we’d feature some of the top 25 things to do in the most exciting places to visit in Asia.

As the world’s largest and most populous continent, with more than 50 countries spread across six distinct regions, Asia offers a wealth of experiences. The cultural, geographical and ethnic diversity that exists within Asia ensures travelers with varied interests and levels of experience will find something to cross off their bucket list.

The tours and activities highlighted are chosen based on traveler reviews, data from the millions of people who check out during the year, and information on which tours in the region travelers book most often. We think you’ll enjoy reading about the array of activities available in each of these places – it’s the little mental vacation we could all use right now – and we also think this list is a great place to start if you’re planning a trip to the Asian continent in 2014. Join us for this tour of the Top 25 Things to Do in Asia!

1.       Do Some Seoul Searching in South Korea

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

South Korea has a reputation for being overlooked amongst travelers to East Asia in favor of China and Japan, but that is quickly changing. Seoul is one of the liveliest, most colorful, and exciting cities in the region. Discover cultural landmarks and traditional architecture in the Seoul history and culture small-group tour. Experience the vibrant culture first hand on a Korean heritage tour: palaces and villages of Seoul including Gyeongbokgung Palace,  Light your taste buds on fire with kimchi and squelch it with a sip of Soju on the small-group Korean night food tour. Come within feet of the infamous North Korean border on the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and JSA Panmunjom tour from Seoul. From the educational to the entertaining, Seoul is an incredible destination for anyone.

2.       Get up close to the wildlife of Asia

There is something about seeing animals in the wild that makes us all feel more alive. Spotting an elephant grazing or an orangutan swinging one-armed on vines and branches high in the jungle canopy evokes a visceral response. Asia is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. In Malaysia, visitors can see orangutans in their natural habitat on the Semenggok Orangutan Rehabilitation tour from Kuching, explore the jungles of Borneo on the Sandakan Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center full-day trip from Kota Kinabalu, and get up close to majestic tusks and trunks on a private tour of the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary on a day tour from Kuala Lumpur. In Thailand, the Chiang Dao elephant jungle trek and Ping River rafting tour from Chiang Mai is perfect for the adventurous, while the Chiang Mai elephants at work tour is more low-key and educational. In Bali, Indonesia, you can also take on the rapids on the Elephant Safari Park and white-water rafting adventure. Finally, you will never see zoos the same way after taking a private tour of the Singapore zoo with an optional jungle breakfast amongst orangutans.

3.       Walk on the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

There are few experiences in the world as exceptional as walking on the Great Wall of China. The Wall, used to fortify the Chinese border and built more than 2,000 years ago during the Ming Dynasty, spans some 5,000 miles (almost 9,000 kilometers). It’s possible to not only see the Wall but to hike on several sections on a day trip from Beijing. Traipse along the restored Mutianyu section on a Great Wall of China small group day trip from Beijing – or make it a private tour at Juyongguan and see Ming tombs from Beijing. For a taste of the best China’s capital city, try a Viator VIP tour: Beijing’s Forbidden City with a special viewing of the treasure gallery and see the Great Wall ruins at Badaling. Couples might enjoy a Private tour of the Great Wall at Mutianyu, with stops at the Olympic sites and an optional hot springs spa in Beijing.  Avid hikers will love the Shixiaguan Great Wall hiking adventure with transpiration from Beijing, a full-day walk along one of the Wall’s less-crowded sections.

4.       Taste the diverse flavors of Asia

Asia boasts some of the most diverse, flavorful cuisines in the world. From peanut sauce in Thailand to spicy curry in India and sushi in Japan, some of our favorite foods hail from the eastern nook of the globe. One of the best ways to experience a new city or country is through its food – from trying local delicacies to splurging on a fine-dining meal, or even taking a cooking class. Experience Singapore through a Singaporean cooking class and lunch, where you’ll learn how to cook three authentic dishes with local chefs. In Vietnam, taste local favorites – like maybe a banh mi sandwich or a steaming bowl of pho, on a Hanoi street food walking tour. Take an urban food hike in Malaysia on a small-group food trail walking tour in Kuala Lumpur, or eat like a local at the Kuala Lumpur hawker center and enjoy a street tour by night. Learn where “drunken noodles” gets its name in a Baipai Thai Cooking School class in Bangkok.

5. Get to know Beijing

Every city has a personality, but Beijing’s is bigger than most. From its narrow, winding ‘hutongs,’ or alleys, lined with hawkers selling everything from live chickens to pigs feet, to the unimaginable crowds, and plethora of crowd-pleasing sites, the city is loud, bustling, and like a new friend who you really need to get to know before you pass judgment. Get the most out of your experience in a private tour of Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, followed by a small-group Beijing night walking tour. For another option with fewer crowds and a more intimate look at the best parts of the city, consider a Beijing private tour of the Temple of Heaven, Hongqiao Market and a Kung Fu show with a peking duck dinner. Then see the stunning Summer Palace, Lama Temple and the panda garden on a Beijing historical tour. Wrap up your hectic time in China’s capital city with a VIP tour of Beijing’s Forbidden City, with a special viewing of the Treasure Gallery, and a trip to the Great Wall ruins at Badaling.

6. See Majestic Mount Fuji

Mt Fuji

Mt Fuji

Snow-capped Mt. Fuji, Japan’s tallest mountain, has been worshipped by the devout and immortalized in works of art for centuries. It’s no wonder, as the near-perfectly symmetrical volcanic cone stands out from the surrounding landscape and can even be seen from Tokyo on a clear day. Peak-baggers from around the world flock to Mt Fuji during its short climbing season to summit the 12,388-foot (3776-meter) peak.

A visit to Mt Fuji is one of the most popular day – or multi-day – trip options from Tokyo. Adventure lovers will covet the opportunity to summit the famous peak on a 2-day Mt. Fuji sunrise climb from Tokyo. For those more inclined to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery, a 2-day Mt. Fuji and Kyoto rail tour by bullet train from Tokyo side trip might be more your style. For a more complete traditional Japanese experience, try a 2-day Mt. Fuji and onsen experience from Tokyo. If you have a more open schedule, the 3-day Mt. Fuji, Kyoto and Nara rail tour by bullet train from Tokyo will show off even more of Japan’s iconic sites.

7. Explore the Thai Islands

Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay

For many, a mention of Thailand brings to mind clear waters gently lapping at white-sand beaches — an image fit for a calendar or postcard. Luckily, these imaginings are pretty close to the real thing. Thailand has been blessed with some of the most beautiful islands and beaches on the planet, all easily accessible from Phuket. Whether you’re looking for luxury, serenity or wild abandon under a full moon, the Thai Islands have it.

Use Phuket as a launching pad to explore dozens of little islands and unique geological formations, all while catching glimpses of diverse flora and fauna, as well as marine life. Paddle under limestone cliffs and through caves on a canoe cave explorer Phang Nga Bay tour from Phuket. Or skip the paddles and see the emerald waters of Phang Nga Bay on a tour by speed boat from Phuket. Phuket island boasts incredible wildlife inland, as well as in the sea. Trek through the highlights on an elephant’s back in a Phuket half-day safari tour.

8. Explore the ancient temples of Angkor

Angkor Wat before sunset

Angkor Wat before sunset

The name Angkor Wat means “Temple City,” and the complex of Hindu and Buddhist temples just outside of Cambodia’s Siem Reap is the largest religious monument in the world. Angkor Wat and the rest of the Angkor ruins date back thousands of years and were eventually abandoned and forgotten, gradually reclaimed by the surrounding jungle. The ruins weren’t to be rediscovered until 1850, when a French naturalist on expedition in Cambodia “rediscovered” the site.

A visit to the ancient Khmer capital city is the reason most travelers come to Cambodia in the first place. Delve into the history of Angkor with a private tour of Angkor Wat and the Royal Temples of Bayon and Angkor Thom. Alternatively, see the iconic Angkor Wat temple complex and enjoy a traditional lunch at the Royal Baths on an Angkor Temples small-group tour. If time allows, go all-in for a 3-day Siem Reap tour, during which you will see the temple complex, hike through the jungle, take a boat trip in a UNESCO biosphere reserve, and more.

9. Remember World War II History in Asia

“War is not nice,” Barbara Bush once said. The phrase is simplistic but captures the heart of what makes learning about and seeing war-torn historical sites so difficult and, often, meaningful. World War II destroyed countless lives, historical and cultural landmarks, and even entire cities across Asia. We can remember (and pay our respects to) the men and women who died at numerous museums and memorials across the region dedicated to education and peace.

Learn about Japan’s occupation of Singapore and the many prisoner-of-war camps that existed at the time on the Changi WWII war trail and museum tour. Hiroshima, Japan was destroyed when the United States bombed it during the War; today it’s a lively, fun-loving city, but it hasn’t forgotten. Visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima Island to see how far the city has come since that fateful day in 1941. The Philippines’ Corregidor Island became a battleground between US and Japanese troops during the war. A historical sightseeing tour from Manila will take you through the ruins of barracks and down secret passageways to fully tell the story.

10. Tour the Floating Markets and Temples of Bangkok

Thanks to the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok has gained the nickname Venice of the East. Once you experience the charming temples, markets and palace complexes located along the river of Thailand’s capital city, you’ll soon see why. While Bangkok has largely modernized, life along the river has maintained a sense of rural, traditional life, and a river trip should be at the center of any Bangkok itinerary.

Learn about Thailand’s religious and cultural history on a tour of Thailand’s Ayutthaya Temples, a series of ruins and intact structures that once served as the capital of Siam. Another day trip will take you on a cruise of the Floating Markets of Damneon Saduak, where you’ll weave between stilted houses past vendors selling fresh exotic produce from canoes. Board a long tail boat to see the Bangkok Grand Palace on a small-group cruise. Maintain your sea legs on a cruise to the floating markets and a visit to the rail Bridge on the River Kwai for another full-day option. Keep quiet in the devout temple where the Golden Buddha sits on a private tour of Bangkok’s temples. If you prefer pedaling to paddling, get off the beaten track and explore Bangkok on a small-group bike tour, where you’ll still see the floating markets and canals.

11. Explore the Golden Triangle in India

Palace in Jaipur

Palace in Jaipur

The three most popular sites in India — Delhi, Agra and Jaipur — make up what’s called the Golden Triangle, and travelers from around the world follow this path through opulent palaces, imposing forts, sprawling street markets and iconic monuments.

Travelers with limited time can still see the major sites – Agra and the Taj Mahal – on a day trip from Delhi. For a more inclusive experience, consider a private tour day trip to Agra from Delhi including the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort, where you’ll also enjoy a traditional Indian lunch and in-depth explanations of each site. After seeing the Golden Triangle, delve into Old Delhi on a half day small group tour, where you’ll meander through backstreets and learn about the history and culture of the city. If Gandhi has captured your imagination, you will enjoy learning about his life on a small group adventure tour.

12. Kyoto and Osaka

The former capital of Japan for more than one thousand years, modern Kyoto retains its stately, imperial feel with well-preserved historical sites, beautiful gardens, and hundreds of Buddhist temples. Osaka, it’s more cosmopolitan neighbor, boasts international restaurants, a lively nightlife, and renowned shopping. A visit to both cities is a must on any trip to Japan.

If you base yourself in Osaka, consider a day trip to Kyoto and Nara, on which you’ll see the stunning Golden Pavilion temple and the five-story pagoda at Todaiji Temple. Another way to see Kyoto and Nara is on a 2-day or 3-day rail tour by bullet train, or shinkansen, from Tokyo. Some of the trip highlights include incredible views of the snow-capped Mt. Fuji and relaxing in Nara’s wild deer park. If time permits, a full-day sightseeing tour of Kyoto is highly recommended. See Kyoto’s Nijo Castle, the Imperial Palace, and more. For a “taste” of the city, the Kyoto cooking class and sake tasting experience, with a walk through the famous Nishiki Food Market, can’t be missed. Finally, experience Osaka on a full-day walking tour with a river cruise. With panoramic views of the city and a stop at the Osaka Castle, it’s a perfect way to see the best the city has to offer.

13. Visit the Terracotta warriors in Xi’an

The Terracota Warriors

The Terracota Warriors

Xi’an developed as a major military and trading post along the Silk Road during the Tang Dynasty, but it’s most famous attraction wasn’t discovered until 1974 when a local farmer unknowingly uncovered a collection of ancient terracotta sculptures dating back to the third century BC. The thousands of Terracotta Warriors have become one of China’s best attractions.

A full-day trip to see the Terracotta Warriors is essential. One of the highlights is seeing the warriors that have not been fully excavated and are still ensconced in varying amounts of earth. After seeing some of the 7,000 terra-cotta figures buried in the mausoleum, you can wipe off some of the grime and dirt with a trip to a hot springs spa near Xi’an. For a more varied experience of the treasures near Xi’an, take a private tour of a giant panda reserve and see the Terracotta Warriors. Transportation is included; panda hugs are not.

14. See the giant pandas of Chengdu

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, or Chengdu Panda Base, is one of the best places in the world – if not the best – to observe giant pandas in their natural habitat. The Base is as a non-profit research and breeding center that aims to educate the public on these special animals and encourage educational tourism. For wildlife lovers, especially panda enthusiasts, a trip to China would be incomplete without seeing the giant pandas of Chengdu.

If you’re limited on time, a half-day Chengdu panda tour will introduce you to these beautiful creates; there’s even an option to hold a baby panda! Another option is to combine a trip to the Chengdu panda breeding center with an excursion to see the Terracotta Warriors. The extraordinary history of the terracotta sculptures, combined with an overload of panda cuteness will keep you smiling for the rest of your trip.

15. Stay on the Move in Singapore

Singapore Flyer sky dining

Singapore Flyer sky dining

Singapore is known as a “garden city” because over 50 percent of its land is covered by greenery and it boasts more than 50 major parks, and four nature reserves. In addition to the enchanting jungle adventure possibilities, Singapore’s cities combine ancient Chinese and Indian influences with modern skyscrapers for a unique tourist experience. This small country is best explored on any number of modes of transportation – everything from bicycles to horses and trishaws.

Admire Pulau Ubin’s scenery on a four-hour bike adventure, on which you’ll catch a glimpse of local life in small villages and enjoy views of secluded beaches. If bicycles aren’t fast enough, get your blood pumping at the Singapore Turf Club, famous for horse races. With VIP lounge access, you can keep your blood pressure at bay with a martini or two on the house. If land-based transportation sounds boring, hop aboard the Singapore duck boat and the Singapore Flyer, the world’s tallest ferris wheel, to see the city’s sites from truly unique vantage points. If none of those sound entertaining, how about exploring Singapore’s Chinatown at night on a trishaw? The tour includes a night cruise on a traditional boat and a ride around town in a bicycle rickshaw. Finally, jump on a tram to see the Singapore Zoo at night. The best part is the optional buffet dinner.

16. Explore Bali’s Beaches and Beyond

After a single sunset viewed from the golden sands of a Bali beach and you’ll understand why this Indonesian island is often referred to as paradise. Whether you prefer relaxing in the sand with a cocktail and a good book, hang ten in the legendary surf or dolphin-watch on sleepy stretch of black sand, Bali’s got a beach for you.

Take a break from the sand and surf to visit the town of Singaraja and the mountain resort of Bedugul on the North Coast of Bali. The beautiful rural countryside will enchant you just as much as the pristine beaches. While you’re taking time to explore the culture, see the remote Pura Luhur Batukaru Temple with a small-group of like-minded travelers. Stay in the countryside for dinner with a Balinese cooking demonstration in the village of Gulingan. Enjoy the fruits of the chef’s labors for lunch. If you’re enjoying a peek into traditional Balinese culture, head to the Kintamani mountain range on a Bali Highlights tour, where you’ll see views of active volcano Mount Batur, witness the mythical Barong Dance, and visit Ubud, the artisanal center of Bali. Get back in the water on a high-octane Bali jungle white water rafting adventure. The class II and III rapids are great for adrenaline junkies and novices, alike.

17. Immerse Yourself in Modern Japanese Culture in Tokyo

Learn how to make sushi in Tokyo

Learn how to make sushi in Tokyo

Japanese culture is so unique you have to experience it to believe it. It ranges from the not-so-hip world of anime – or animated cartoons, to world renowned fashion, and everything in between. Twenty-first century Tokyo is an especially fascinating place because there is a strong mix of traditional interests – like sumo wrestling – alongside modern ones – like technology. While in Tokyo, we recommend experiencing some of both worlds – old Japan and new Japan – to get a feel for what modern Japanese culture looks like in the capital city.

Food culture in Tokyo starts at Tsukiji Fish Market, a dream destination for sushi lovers. Get there early to see chefs bidding on the catch of the day. On this tour, you’ll pick out your own fish and learn to make sushi. Follow up lunch by watching the men who can never eat enough battle it out at a Tokyo sumo wrestling tournament. These athletes might just eat more than Michael Phelps in a day. Let your inner kid come out on a tour of the Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum. A haven for Japanese anime fans, Studio Ghibli is known as the “Disney of the East.” Redo your wardrobe on a Harajuku fashion walking tour. The trendy neighborhood is known for extreme street fashion and hip youth culture. You can’t leave Tokyo before embarking on a Japanese food tour at night. Try sake, fried balls of octopus, and meat skewers – some of the most popular street food dishes in the city.

18. Cruise down the mighty Mekong

The mighty Mekong River is Asia’s 7th-longest. It serves as a major water trade way in Southeast Asia. It runs through parts of China, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Farming is done in the waterway and in the vegetation around it. The Mekong boasts rich biodiversity. Unique marine life like giant soft-shell turtles can be found in Cambodia. Stingrays, giant river carp, and giant catfish are just a few of the diverse fish species only found in the region. Tourists can discover the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. On this adventurous tour, you’ll drift beneath forest covers as you pass by local villages and spot wildlife and snack on local delicacies and seasonal fruit.

19. Get to know Hong Kong

The Hong Kong skyline

The Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong has it all: lush forests, pristine beaches, sky-high mountain peaks, picturesque fishing villages, a rich history, and a vibrant culture. The skyline captures the attention of people around the world, with towering skyscrapers, and an urban island. Situated on China’s south coast, the island has been under Chinese sovereignty since 1997. In recent years, it has jumped to the top of must-visit lists for its international flair, exceptional food, and modern architecture. Hong Kong is a perfect destination for travelers who want to dig in and learn more.

Start your trip with a Hong Kong Island half-day tour to get acquainted and learn the basics. You’ll see the highlights of the island – including stunning panoramic views from Victoria Peak. Delve in deeper to Hong Kong’s intriguing history on a small-group walking tour that explores old versus new Hong Kong. Here, you’ll see Hong Kong’s transition from fishing villages to an international financial hub. Visit Lantau Island for beautiful views and the Giant Buddha Exhibition Hall at Po Lin Monastery for look into Hong Kong’s religious culture.

20. Delight in the beauty of Taiwan

Taiwan is a hospitable island, welcoming visitors warmly. The mountainous terrain is balanced by beautiful beaches around the island. It boasts a booming economy, a strong democratic government, and many scenic spots. The capital, Taipei, is a coveted destination among many travelers, and draws an extraordinary number of visitors from surrounding countries, in particular. It’s a beautiful destination with jungles, lakes, gorges, and a little something for everyone.

One of the can’t miss destinations in all of Asia is the Taroko Gorge, one of Asia’s seven wonders. This one day tour starts in Taipei and includes a short plane trip before taking in marble cliffs, meandering through tunnels, and visiting the spectacular Chi Hsing Beach. Head to Chiufen Village and the northeast coast of Thailand for half of a day to experience how the the locals live and once lived. On this tour, you’ll see fishing villages, pastoral farmlands and temples. If time allows, don’t miss an opportunity to spend four days seeing Hong Kong’s highlights: Sun Moon Lake, Taroko George and Kenting National Park.

21. Cruise on a junk boat in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay

Limestone cliffs rise up out of the emerald water of Ha Long Bay in northeastern Vietnam. The Bay plays host to over 1,600 islands and islets, almost all of which are uninhabited and unspoiled. The biological diversity is second only to the beauty of the Bay. The diverse, beautiful Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts visitors from around the world. Travelers can experience the Ha Long Bay by an overnight junk boat cruise or on a shorter small-group group junk boat cruise. Both options provide incredible photo opportunities, sights of fishing villages, and local meals.

22. See the water villages of China

Known as the “Venice of China,” Zhouzhuang is China’s oldest water town. Even though the town is a popular tourist destination, it retains its traditional feel and functions today much the way it has for decades and even centuries. The town dates back more than 900 years and is divided by rivers and lakes. There are 14 stone bridges that cross the rivers – great vantage points to see and photograph the picturesque town. Another water village – Suzhou – is nearby. From Shanghai, you can visit Suzhou and Zhouzhuang water villages on a day trip. In addition to rowing the waterways, you will explore a Ming Dynasty garden and enjoy a local lunch.

23. Make Money in Macau

“What happens in Macau stays in Macau” could be the new popular saying, as the city brings in more gambling revenue that Las Vegas. Aside from attracting perfect poker faces, Macau boasts a European feel from its storied colonial history. A visitor could spend days wandering the city and still not see all of the churches, temples, fortresses, and other historical sites. In addition, the city plays host to multiple gardens and several attractive islands. Kids and family enjoy the modern amusement parks and extensive shopping, as well. With a See Macau Attraction Pass, visitors receive discounts at top attractions, a ride on the TurboJET boat to see the city from the sea, and other perks. Attach a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong for a richer cultural experience of in the region. You’ll arrive by catamaran and explore several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the A-Ma Temple.

24. Manila

Palace in the Sky

Palace in the Sky

You only need a few days to discover Manila’s best kept secrets. The busy streets and jammed intersections might not hold your attention, but the panoramic views from the highest points and UNESCO WoRld Heritage-listed churches will. Manila is increasingly becoming an attractive destination for travelers, and it’s clear why: it’s a fairly inexpensive city with culture buried under the surface. Dig a little, and you’ll be rewarded with an incredible experience.

Get out of the congested city and go sightseeing at Tagaytay, a picturesque city with panoramic views of Taal Lake, which surrounds Taal Volcano, one of the Philippine’s most active volcanoes. Once you’ve explored natural wonders, dive into Manila’s past and present in a tour that includes visiting ancient ruins and information on Manila’s Spanish colonial history and its modern-day culture.

25. Trek in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal

The inimitable peaks of the Himalayas rise over Nepal, beckoning hikers from around the world. In addition to some of the the world’s best treks, Nepal offers adventurers intense white water rafting, mountain climbing, and an array of national parks. Many of Nepal’s cities are lively and vibrant and attract backpackers and travelers with inexpensive food and lodging. Surrounded by Tibet and India, Nepal is emerging as a must-see destination.

First things first – get to know Kathmandu on an evening rickshaw tour. You’ll start in the tourist neighborhood and make your way to Durbar Square, a cultural and historical landmark. Market squares buzz with activity while centuries-old temples make a statement. Take a day trip from Kathmandu to two holy sites and a national park to learn more about Nepal’s rich religious culture. After visiting Budhanilkantha, the holy site of the sleeping HIndu god Vishnu, you’ll hike through the woodlands of Shivapuri National park to Nagi Gompa, a hilltop Buddhist monastery. Finally, it’s time to do what you came here for: go trekking. The 4-day Kathmandu valley trekking tour takes travelers on hikes through the verdant countryside to the medieval village of Bhaktapur. This trip is perfect for anyone who wants incredible views of the Himalayas without needing to acclimate at extreme altitudes.

- Viator Travel Team

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