Top 5 Things to Do in Summer in Melbourne

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Melbourne things to do in summer

Melbourne’s Yarra River on a hot summer night

Melbourne gets a bad rap from the rest of Australia for the weather, but the city’s location on a bay means that evenings are often tempered by cooling breezes, so any opportunity to get outside is lapped up by locals and visitors. With weather this pleasant, you must go outdoors. You have no choice. And with that in mind, here are my top picks for things to do in summer in Melbourne.

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#1 Australian Open Tennis

Melbourne famously loves its sport, and it also loves to show off on the world stage, so the Australian Open is always popular. The competition plays out at the hottest time of the year (usually mid-January to February), making it an endurance event as well as a typical tennis tournament. While last year saw players endure court temperatures in excess of 50C (122F), new rules mean they will be allowed to retreat to the locker rooms if things get fiery. Personally, I think it’s a cop out. I’m all for seeing these people made to earn their millions in tough match conditions.

As long as I can watch from home with the air-con on and a Long Island Iced Tea, I’m fine.

#2 Big Day Out & Laneway Festival

The Big Day Out is a touring music festival that takes place in major cities in Australia and New Zealand. Tickets to the Melbourne event sell out in just minutes, so unless you got lucky, you might have to set up a folding chair outside the fence of the venue, usually at Flemington Racecourse.

Way smaller and far groovier is the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, which also tours a few Australian cities. Taking place in a Melbourne city laneway and assorted nearby venues, the day-long festival (in the beginning of February) features some great acts.

#3 Queen Victoria Night Market

On Wednesday nights through summer, the Queen Victoria Market goes all Asian with the Night Market. Hawker stalls, fresh food, licensed bars, locally made gifts and tacky tourist tat vie for the attention of the tens of thousands of people who visit this weekly event. The live performances and the friendly vibe make this a great summer outing, especially after Christmas when the gift-panic has passed. The market runs from 5.30 – 10pm.

#4 Australia Day

Australia Day (26 January) may be a day of national pride celebrating the ‘discovery’ of Australia by British explorers, but to most of us locals, it’s the laziest day of the year. Flame up the barbeque and chill the drinks. It’s an open invitation, and it goes all day. Bring your own.

While it’s the same right across the country, Melbourne has a couple of unique ways of celebrating. A picnic on the banks of the Yarra River is a great way to do nothing in the great outdoors. Also, with an international cricket match being played in Adelaide, they’re always broadcast on the TV. Sip on a beer from one of Melbourne’s great microbrews (Three Ravens, Emerald Hill or – my favourite – Mountain Goat). Doesn’t get much better than that.

#5 Tai Chi at Fed Square

While it’s not especially – or even exclusive to – summer, and not traditionally ‘Melbourne’, the free Tai Chi sessions at Federation Square every Tuesday morning are still a great highlight of city life. Starting at 7.30am and lasting one hour, these expert-led sessions are a great way to get the mind and body moving in harmony. Set yourself up for a day of sightseeing with this ancient Chinese art, regarded by those in the know as “the physiotherapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine”.

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  1. john Says:

    if the laneway festival is a top 5 thing to do in summer then i would rather put all my $$$ thru a pokie machine. i went last year and saw feist and i couldnt even hear her. every1 was drunk and on drugs.

  2. Arafath Hassan Says:

    A typical day in Melbourne during the high summer is warm and sunny with the afternoon sea breeze coming from the south. A few days can be cool and cloudy, temperature getting below 20ºC. Hot days can be sometimes accompanied by the unpleasant north wind. Occasionally hot weather may continue for three or more days but most of the time there are only one or two hot days in a row. The summer season also has the year’s warmest nights. Hot weather is usually abrupt by a cool change with either dry days or showers and thunderstorms.

  3. Hotels Melbourne Says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for! I’m thinking about writing an article on Melbourne and needed some cool tips for the summer. From what I’ve seen so far, I might end up going there soon!