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Seeing the world takes time and energy. Being on the move, going here and there to see all the sights can really take it out of you. So instead of spending your evenings propping up your aching feet, think about cruising, rolling, trotting or even floating from place after place. There are some pretty unique transport tours around the world that somehow find a way to up the ante at even the coolest of locales.


Segwaying (is that a word?) is a fun and easy way to cover a large amount of ground in a short period of time. And you’ll feel like a rockstar because everyone around you not on Segways will be watching with envy. Zip down Bourbon Street on a New Orleans French Quarter Segway Tour. Cruise through the famous Plaza de Espana on a Madrid Segway Tour or explore by starlight on a Rome Night Segway Tour.



Try biking instead of walking in order to see the city faster.

See the sights and get some exercise while you cruise through town. Just like a Segway, bikes allow you to cover more ground, but they’re typically much cheaper to rent. A Paris Bike Tour is a great way to get the lay of the land when you first arrive. Organized rides like the Washington DC Monuments Bike Tour come with a great view and give cyclists time to walk around and explore. If you’re brave enough to cruise solo, bike rentals are available is just about every major city from Munich to Boston.


If the idea of floating from place to place sounds fabulous, think about hopping in a canoe. You don’t have to get wet, unless you want to. The learning curve is easy, so even young and beginning paddlers can make a sightseeing splash. Canoe adventures can be found all around the world. Canoe in a National Marine Park with scenery including limestone cliffs and caves on the Canoe Cave Explorer Phang Nga Bay Tour from Phuket. Get up close and personal with moose, foxes and other Alaskan wildlife on a Chena River Canoe Adventure from Fairbanks.



A great way to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Sit back, relax and let someone else put the pedal to the mettle on a rickshaw ride. It’s like being on an oversized tricycle, but you’ve got a shaded, cushy seat and a driver who knows where they’re going. Knowing when and where to turn is key. The Beijing Old Hutongs Tour by Rickshaw gives you a great view of an area that’s tricky to explore solo. Being able to access and navigate hidden alleys and narrow streets helps uncover hidden surprises. The Kathmandu Evening Tour by Rickshaw Including Durbar Square makes a pit stop, giving riders time to wander through shops and taste local foods.


Another instance where folks will stop, stare, and envy your coolness. A Naples Sightseeing by Vespa, could easily be the highlight of any Italian vacation. Whiz through traffic and navigate bustling areas, easily hopping off and on when something catches your eye. Enjoy the wind in your hair and don’t forget about easy parking when riding a scooter in Hawaii.


If you don’t know what a trishaw is, that’s even more reason you need to give one a try. Similar to a rickshaw, a trishaw also carries passengers, but in Singapore, instead of the pedaler being in front, they are on a bike attached to the side. Singapore’s Chinatown Trishaw Night Tour takes riders bargain shopping in the night market and offers a great way for photographers to capture some action shots. Spice up a Private Georgetown Sightseeing Tour with a trishaw ride through Penang’s capital city.

Antique Car

Typical sightseeing goes out the window when you roll in an antique car. Besides the obvious benefit of no tour group crowds, it’s often a once in lifetime type thing as the vintage cars available in one location may be next to impossible to find in other spots around the world. There’s room for three plus a private driver in the Private Paris Tour by Citroen 2CV. More in your group? Add another car and explore as a convoy. The Krakow Half-Day Tour by Trabant mixes time behind the wheel with walking to visit parts of the city visitors can easily miss.



Try out this unforgettable experience.

Some tours are wilder than others. Go for a ride on an ox cart through the rice fields, then trek through the jungle on a Khao Yai National Park and Elephant Ride Day Trip from Bangkok. Learn how Thailand’s famous residents do things like take a bath and oh yeah, on the Chiang Mai Elephants at Work Tour become working artists.


Vacation is a great time to embrace your inner cowboy. Trot through sugarcane fields, mangroves and the rainforest on a Horse Riding Tour from Cairns. Giddy up through vineyards and olive groves on a Horse Riding in Chianti Day Trip from Florence. If you like the coast, head for the water on a  Heritage Beach Horse Ride on Jamaica’s north coast.

Horse and Carriage

Horseback riding may alleviate the problem of sore feet, but it can cause soreness in other parts too. A carriage ride is a smoother way to go and you don’t have to worry about holding on to anything but your camera during a Private Horse and Carriage Tour of Seville. No designated driver is needed when you take a Wine Country Tour by Horse and Carriage. Whatever the location, it’s a great way to take in the scenery at a leisurely pace.

Cable Car


Breathtaking view from the Dubrovnik cable car

San Francisco cable cars climb steep hills so you don’t have to. That said, they’re also simply a whole lot of fun. For a change of scenery, try Exploring Dubrovnik by Cable Car. A different look than their California counterparts, a ride up Mount Srd won’t disappoint, rewarding riders with panoramic views of the city and Adriatic Sea. The Puerto Plata City Tour with Cable Car Ride carries passengers up, up and away to Isabel de Torres Mountain.

— Dana Rebmann

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