Need a Vacation After Vacation? You Need a Different Vacation!

March 22, 2012 by

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Many of us set off on our vacations with a single goal in mind: to escape the troubles, worries and stresses of our workaday lives. There’s no shame in that; our western civilization seems to value escapism pretty highly, and if you are going to truly escape, well, you need to put some thought into it!

“Winding down” can be a tricky process; it requires some time and the right circumstances, or else you can find yourself even more wound-up than when you started. (How many times have you heard friends say “I needed a vacation after vacation!”) And travel itself can be hard work; in fact, the word travel comes from the French travail, meaning “work.”

So how do you avoid arriving back at your desk feeling even more stressed than when you left? We have some ideas, but they may not be what you think.

If you really are stressed out, you need to choose vacation adventure tours or physical challenges. These types of vacations are the perfect antidote for work-related stress. It’s hard to worry about hitting project deadlines when you are hurtling down a hill on a mountain bike, bungee jumping or white-water rafting. Big city getaways—with lots of decisions to make about which shows to see, which galleries to visit and which bars and restaurants you want to hit—are also perfect for pushing work-related troubles out of your mind.

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Las Vegas skydive

Probably not thinking about work.

Avoid, on the other hand, so-called relaxing breaks, where lying on the beach is the supposed prescription. Particularly when your vacation is a week or less, you’ll find that 5 days (you have to get there and back, after all) probably won’t be enough time to really wind down, and with nothing much happening on that beach you’ll quickly find yourself mired in those work problems again.

Viator specializes in helping travelers unwind. We can help you relax, too… just make sure that’s really what you want to do!

– Rod Cuthbert

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