7 Reasons to Love Viator’s Traveler Reviews

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This tour was awful! This tour was the best! I loved it. I hated it. Go ahead, it’s OK, tell us what you really think.

Since 2006, we’ve asked Viator.com travelers to tell us what they liked, what they loved, and what they think could be better about the 15,000+ tour, activities and things to do we offer. And we’ve been truly amazed by the responses.

We think the reviews are one of the best reasons to book with Viator, so read on for more reasons to love Viator’s Traveler Reviews.

Photo courtesy of quinn anya on Flickr

Photo courtesy of quinn anya on Flickr

1 – No phony reviews!

We only accept reviews from honest-to-goodness actual travelers, so you can rest assured that every single review on Viator.com was written by a real person who experienced that exact tour.  Every. Single. One.

How do we know? We only allow confirmed customers to write a review for Viator. This helps us to prevent fraud, spam and other abuses, like the fake reviews that sometimes show up on other review sites. By limiting reviews to confirmed customers, we ensure that Viator’s reviews maintain their integrity and you know the reviews you’re reading are giving you the real deal.

2 – Real reviews, and lots of ‘em!


We now have more than 375,000 reviews on our site, and they just keep rolling in. We’ve heard from John in Bangkok, Delia in Dallas, Lorna in London, Gillian in Sydney, Olu in Canada, Sikandar in New York, Alice in Hong Kong – and from hundreds of thousands more travelers who’ve used Viator.com to make the most of their trips.

Aside from a few of our newest tours, nearly every tour we sell has at least one review (many have hundreds!) so you can book knowing what to expect.

3 – Viator travelers are as diverse as our tours

Our travelers not only come from every corner of the world, but they also have a diverse range of tastes and experiences. Some travelers crave adrenaline-pumping adventure, while others are more low-key.  Some travel alone and others come with family and friends. Some are older, some are younger. Chances are, there’s a Viator traveler who’s just like you.

4 – It’s easy to scan overall ratings of each tour for easy comparison


If you’re short on time, there’s no need to comb through every review. The volume of our reviews means also it’s easy to get an overall sense of a tour’s quality and popularity at a glance. Just check out the overall rating and number of reviews to help you make a decision. You might want to take a chance on a new tour that only has four glowing 5-star reviews, or you might want to play it safe and book a tried-and-tested tour that has an average of four stars with more than 500 reviews.  Either way, the basic info you need is right there at the top of the page.

5 – You get real tips from real travelers.

The feedback from travelers over the years has been overwhelmingly positive, and people have been sharing all sorts of helpful hints and tips in their reviews (…sit on the right side of the Manhattan boat tour for the best views, look for the pre-paid window at Top of the Rock, have a snack before going on the Seine River dinner cruise because dinner isn’t served until 10:30pm…).

Our goal is to connect travelers with other travelers, and to help you have an unforgettable experience each and every time you travel.  We think the reviews help you do that because you can see not only what other travelers thought of the overall tour, but you can learn from their experiences as well.

6 – We get feedback to make our tours better.

Now we won’t lie to you. Not every review has been positive. We’ve learned, for example, that airport shuttle drivers sometimes are late; that rain can ruin a helicopter ride; that the seats at Moulin Rouge are not that comfortable; that not everybody remembers to print out their Viator Voucher (please, folks, don’t forget to print your vouchers!).

Whenever we do get less-than-stellar feedback on a tour, we take action to make it better so that with every review we’re improving the quality of our tours.

7 – Writing reviews is easy too!

Sharing your experience and tips with other travelers is easy — simply book a tour or activity on Viator.com, and a week or so after your trip, you will automatically receive a “Welcome Back” email from Viator that includes a secure link to our Traveler Review page.

Click on the link and tell us what you think! We only publish reviews from confirmed customers who have direct experience of the tour, activity or service offered. This way you can be 100% certain that the reviews we publish are trustworthy and authentic.

review3Read on, get inspired, and have an experience worth sharing.

-Viator Travel Team

6 Responses to “7 Reasons to Love Viator’s Traveler Reviews”

  1. Scott Mc Says:

    We’ve had a few people ask us how it’s all going with traveler reviews. How many do we have, have we received the sorts of reviews we thought we would, that sort of thing. In a word — it’s been a smashing success. In just a few months we’ve received (and published) more than 5,000 reviews of individual tours and activities. This has been a huge help to travelers planning a trip, and it’s also been a huge help to us. As a result of feedback we’ve canceled a few tours, modified others, clarified directions in some places, answered common questions, you name it. So yes, traveler reviews have been a smashing success. Thanks to you, our travelers.

  2. Wayne Johnson Says:

    Do you have any reviews of your St. Lucia tours?

  3. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Wayne. Sure, there are plenty of reviews from travelers on things to do in St Lucia. Have a look here: http://www.viator.com/St-Lucia/d38-ttd

  4. Graham Jackson Says:

    Hi, Do you have any reviews for Hughada, Egypt? Thanks…..

  5. Scott Mc Says:

    Hi Graham. Yes we do, as a matter of fact. Quite a few reviews in Hurghada. Check ‘em out: http://www.viator.com/Hurghada/d800-ttd

  6. Jeff Sandall Says:

    Grand Canyon picnic, 12th November 2009. Hi everybody, slightly long winded but some of you might have experienced similar,or may do in the future so worth reading. Having booked and paid for this trip in September, printed the voucher and phoning from the UK 72 hours before the flight as requested we were horror struck to find we were not listed on the scheduled tour. A few frantic calls later we re-booked with another company, believe they might be a siter company to Viator. Apparently the tour we booked was oversubscribed and there attempts to contact me failed, either an administration error on their part or a very sensative spam filter on my laptop, but it didn’t happen. Anyway, the flight with the other company was superb and for those who have never been on a helicopter before its the same as riding in a minibus but with a much better field of view. Following safety instructions, getting in and belting up the magical words were, lets fly, and it was brilliant. Special mention to Scott McNeely of Viator who acted on my initial contact that wasn’t very favourable and with my bank confirming just recently that a credit had been recieved Viator are a very honerable company to deal with, and one day soon maybe we’ll try again. THIS TOUR WILL MAKE YOUR HOLIDAY AND GIVE YOU LIFELONG MEMORIES, DO IT.

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