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Editor’s Note: Mea culpa! You may notice a little gap in Viator’s traveler of the month.  Somehow (the guilty have indeed been punished) we skipped July & August. In our defense, that’s the busiest time of the year for us, with thousands of people traveling across Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. But we won’t lie to you. We didn’t skip the Traveler of the Month because we were too busy. Nope. We simply, um, ahem, gulp – forgot. Our apologies, it won’t happen again.

What is Viator’s Traveler of the Month?

Recently we started publishing photos over on the website. These are photos taken by actual Viator travelers, photos of themselves on elephant treks, helicopter tours, desert safaris, private tours of the Vatican — and on hundreds of the other 5,000+ tours and things to do available on Viator.

So we’ve started giving props each month to an individual Viator traveler who makes us laugh, makes us smile, or who inspires us to make that next trip. It might be the prettiest traveler photo, or the funniest, or most inspirational, or just most plain weird.

What do you win? A $100 gift certificate (or the equivalent in pounds or euros) to use on! So get traveling, take photos and submit them to when you return. If you want to participate, simply submit your travel photos (see below for how this works) and you are eligible. Each month we will chose a new winner.

This month we’re pleased to honor Danielle and her family for their Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner photos.

September’s Traveler of the Month – Danielle B, USA

Traveler of the Month Florence Danielle

While Danielle was traveling with her parents to Florence, they took the Tuscan Cooking Class and Dinner Tour. She submitted some enjoyable pictures of them making crepes and showing off their “flipping” skills during their Tuscan cooking class.

June’s Traveler of the Month – Theresa N, USA

Traveler of the Month London Theresa

Theresa traveled with her family to London and took her kids on the Harry Potter Black Taxi Private Tour. Theresa submitted some fun photos of her kids dressed up like Harry Potter and visiting the sites that were made famous by the series on the Harry Potter Black Taxi Private Tour. Yes, Theresa put a spell on us, so we’re crowning her the traveler of the month in June.

May’s Traveler of the Month – Alviera N, Australia

Traveler of the Month Singapore Alviera

Alveira traveled with her family to Singapore and enjoyed the Imperial Cheng Ho Singapore Harbour Dinner Cruise during their travels. Alveira submitted some neat photos of them in front of the famous replica of the Imperior vessel of the Ming Dynasty on the Imperial Cheng Ho Singapore Harbour Dinner Cruise.

April’s Travelers of the Month – James & Michelle, United Kingdom

Traveler of the Month Egypt James

Michelle and James went on a trip to Cairo, Egypt and had a wonderful time exploring the different pyramids on their private tour to the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara. James submitted some really fun photos of their trip to the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara in Cairo. This is a great tour to get the full pyramid experience in Egypt.

James said, “This was a great day out. We had a few laughs along the way. The guide was brilliant.”

March’s Traveler of the Month – Alexandra S, Australia

Traveler of the Month Fiji Alexandra

Alexandra S and her family recently went on a trip to Fiji and based on her photos and captions, they had a blast. The photo above is from the South Sea Island Day Cruise where they snorkeled and relaxed by the pool. Alexandra submitted some great photos of the South Sea Island Day Cruise in Fiji. If you’re looking to relax and have a fun trip with the kids in Fiji, Alexandra recommends this tour.

Alexandra says: “Kris has given his thumbs up for this experience. This is definitely a trip to take especially if you have kids.”

February’s Traveler of the Month – James A, UK

Traveler of the Month Rome John

Here’s a shot taken by James A in Rome, on the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Rome Walking Tour. James submitted some great photos of Rome and the inside of the Vatican. And, according to James’ review he’s glad he booked ahead because the line to get into the Vatican was over 2.5 hours long!

James says: “We were enjoying our tour within 15 minutes, and the guide brought the Vatican alive. There is so much to see you simply would not enjoy any other way as it would not mean much without being explained. The headsets you are given for the tour are fab, and you can hear loud and clear what your guide is saying. We normally do our own thing on holiday; however, this is one of the rare places which the tour works very well.”

January’s Traveler of the Month – Sumit B, USA

Traveler of the Month Las Vegas Sumit
Sumit B seems to be having a good time at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Las Vegas, which he visited after purchasing the Las Vegas Power Pass. Sumit, his wife and his two embarrassed children met Beyonce, the Terminator, Johnny Depp, George Bush and Jenna Jameson, among others. Hopefully his wife forgives him for all of the photos with other women.

The Viator Travel Team

Editor’s Note: We’ve posted the photos submitted by our Travelers of the Month over on the Viator Flickr site. Hop on over for some inspiration for your next trip.

How can you submit photos to Viator’s Traveler of the Month contest? It’s simple: book a tour with Viator and, when you return, you will receive a “Welcome Back” email. This email will invite you to submit reviews and photos of the tours and things to do on your trip. Tell other travelers what you loved, what you hated and show them in a photo. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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