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Nothing is quite as exciting as exciting as familiarizing yourself with one of with one of civilization’s most historic and beautiful sites, and in Athens, Greece, you are at the pinnacle.

On the Acropolis Walking Tour, you begin at the Syntagma Metro station—in itself an archeological wonderment, including exhibits of ancient grave stones, a 5th century aqueduct and mosaic, and even a 2,000 year old beehive.

Then it’s on to the House of the Greek Parliament, through to the very heart of the city at Syntagma Square and its lovely Byzantine churches.

On your way up to the Acropolis itself, you will enjoy a short march through Athens’ famous Dionyssiou Areopagitou pedestrian walkway with the help of your guide, who is free to answer any questions you may have of the historic city and its fruitful landmarks.

Finally, once you have explored the Dionysus Sanctuary, the Philopapos Hill, the Herodion Theatre and the Mars Hill, you will find yourself at the famous Acropolis, shinning down at the city below.

Altogether, you will find yourself with unforgettable knowledge and a first hand appreciation of the ancient city in just 3.5 hours, ending at 12:30 pm, just in time for a Mediterranean lunch. You will also be sent on your way with an Athens magazine guide to use for the rest of your trip. Tours are available all-year around, so worry not about availability.

Just make sure to bring at least 12 Euros with you, the entrance fee for the ancient sites. Luckily, this is a multiple day pass, so if you fall in love with one particular site you can come back for more, free of charge.

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