[VIDEO] Berlin Bike Tour: Berlin Wall and Cold War

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It’s 4 degrees Celsius and I’m cold to the bone. I’m about to get on a bike for four hours.

Cycling comes with an abundance of scrupulously studied and proven benefits. We all know this. Cycling reduces stress levels, improves sleep quality and greatly enhances your general well-being.

This may bear thinking about when it comes to choosing your means of seeing Berlin.

The Berlin Bike Tour: Berlin Wall and Cold War kicks off in Alexanderplatz, Berlin’s city centre, where the assembled group has gotten so large it is subsequently split into two lots of 16. This, too, on the coldest day of the year. Yes, it’s freezing. Our guide Alex seems chipper and tells us there are complimentary gloves inside which we can pick up along with our bikes. Oh, and our bikes are named.

I mount Paul McCartney, while my girlfriend rides Sarah Palin. My friend Paul managed to find Indiana Jones and we don’t hear the end of it for the rest of the tour.

After a briefing about the safest way to navigate through Berlin’s streets, we’re off. We glide over the cobbles to our first of many breaks while we learn about the history of Berlin. Much of our path stalks the route of the once formidable Berlin Wall (now a double brick line in the street), and we ride on all terrain, from asphalt to grass, to dirt, to bridge, to path.

There’s something wonderfully independent about seeing Berlin this way. I have freedom to move at my own pace, break away from the crowd, hang back or speed forward. I can dip side to side, go no hands without my mother’s vocal concern and ring my bell. So it’s not long before I’m singing “My Girl”, from the bike-heavy early 90s film, My Girl.

We cover so much ground, far more than any walking tour. We see parts of Berlin we wouldn’t have access to by bus or car. We stop for a Turkish lunch, and by the end of this Cold War tour, I’ve forgotten it was ever cold to begin with.

Chester Travis

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