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If you feel the need for a taste of Mediterranean island life, then maybe the Capri Day Trip from Rome is the tour for you!

The Capri tour begins in Rome where the bus sets off through the early morning city traffic and then down onto the autostrada del sole–‘ the motorway of the sun’–past green olive groves and mountains finally arriving at the port of Naples. Amongst the huge cruise ships you will take a small but swift ferry to Capri.

The cabin is enclosed and a little stuffy but if you feel like air or unwell you can sit outside and get some fresh sea air. The port of Capri is small but really quite scenic, in fact the whole island (although quite busy with tourists) is really very scenic.

A bus took us up to a higher town called Anacapri where we were served a three course lunch. For an extra ten euros I took the chairlift up to the highest point on Capri, the view was stunning and there is a good bar with the Roman ruins of a temple lying about. If the weather  is very very calm you can visit the blue grotto. If not then get on a boat for a tour of the island, which will give you a paparazzi’s view of the villas of the rich of famous, such as Sophia Loren, whose home is perched high on the coastline, a tradition begun by the Emperor Tiberius who ruled from Capri towards the end of his life.

And finally you take a bus back to Rome!


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One Response to “[VIDEO] Capri Day Trip from Rome”

  1. Duke Dillard Says:

    I remember our trip to Capri, what an amazing place. We have a picture from the same spot in the picture in the post. We did not go from Rome, though. We were staying in Naples. I have a funny story about the picture I just mentioned. We asked a lady to take the picture for us. She said she did not know how to use the camera so she gave it to her brother who had cerebral palsy. He was totally shaking as he took the picture but it turned out perfect. We thought we were on Candid Camera or an SNL skit- quite surreal. It was a Canon camera – they should make a commercial.