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If you want to learn about the ghost that still stalks the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane and London‘s most notorious killer, Jack the Ripper, the Jack the Ripper and London Ghost Walk is for you.

Not for the faint-hearted, you travel by coach through the ancient heartland of Roman Londinium, past the Royal Courts of Justice and St. Pauls, through Fleet Street and the City before stopping at Whitechapel church in London’s East End, near Petticoat Lane market.

From here, you follow the gruesome trail of the Ripper on foot in the dark alleyways around Spitalfields. Your guide tries to unravel the secret of just who was the savage killer who terrorised London in late 1888 with the murder and mutilation of five young women. Visit the Ten Bells pub, where all of them drank before meeting their killer, stop at sites where their bodies were discovered, and learn the history of the area and the public outcry that followed the murders. Hear about the list of suspects: a butcher, a surgeon, and even a member of the Royal family.

Just who was Jack and why was he never brought to justice?  If you’re in need of light relief, the return journey takes you back past the Tower of London, the London Eye and the old Scotland Yard before finishing at a pub dedicated to that most revered of detectives, Sherlock Holmes. Eat fish and chips, sip English ale and put the grisly tales to the back of your mind. If you can.

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