[contest] Walt Disney World Orlando – Win a Free Family Pass!

February 12, 2010 by

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Win a free Family Pass to Disney World Resort Orlando

Win a free Family Pass to Disney World Resort Orlando

**Editor’s note: The contest is now closed and we have a winner! We’d like to congratulate Amber for her winning entry, and thank the hundreds of other people who entered the contest. It was difficult to select just a single winner, there was a great range of entries and themes.

In the end, we chose Amber because she inspired us a little (“Teaching, teaching all day long; humming my favorite Disney song”), made us laugh a little (“Last thing I got for free was a frozen turkey”) and made us teary-eyed a little (“After two years in foster care, my kids need Magic”).

Thanks again to everybody who entered, and look forward to more Orlando contests in the months ahead.**

Let’s be honest – if you have kids, there is nothing more magical than a vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. With four theme parks, two water parks, and world-class dining and entertainment, it is not an exaggeration to say there is something for everyone.

Best of all, you can go for free!

Viator is giving away a free Walt Disney World Resort family pass (valid for 2 adults and 2 children), which includes admission to all four Disney theme parks in Orlando and the Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon water parks, plus park-hopper privileges for 4 full days!

But wait, there’s more! We’re also including 2 free Orlando Kids Eat Free cards, which gets your kids free meals at more than 125 restaurants in Orlando.

The total value here is over $1,200 dollars (compare this to a fully loaded 4-Day Magic Your Way Disney Pass and you’ll see what amazing value this prize is!).

Disney World Orlando Contest: How do I enter?

We want you to answer one simple question in 10 words or less: “Why should Viator give YOUR FAMILY a free Disney Orlando family pass?” Simply leave a reply for this post below with your answer – and remember, we are only accepting replies that are 10 words or less!

That’s right, answer the question “Why should Viator give YOUR FAMILY a free Disney Orlando family pass?” in 10 words or less, and you care eligible to win our contest (see terms & conditions below).

Entries must be submitted by February 15, 2010. Winners will be announced on February 19, 2010.

You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or less or it will not be considered.

Disney World Resort Orlando: Theme park overview

The family pass gets 2 adults and 2 kids free entry to all four Disney Orlando parks. Magic Kingdom is the flagship park in this mega-complex. Centered around Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the seven themed lands include traditional rides like Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain along with new rides such as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.

Epcot is two worlds in one: World Showcase features shopping, dining and attractions from a variety of countries across the globe. On the other side of the park is Future World, with Spaceship Earth as its focal point. Here, you can discover the world of outer space, under the sea and everything in between.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is all about the magic of movies, television, music and theater. Incredible shows including Fantasmic!, Indiana Jones and Playhouse Disney will keep everyone entertained all day long.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom you can travel on a safari and see lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and more.

-Viator Travel Team

Terms & Conditions: Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answers the question above, in 10 words or less. We are providing one (1) free Family Pass to the Walt Disney World Resort valid for 2 adults and 2 children. The Family Pass includes free admission to all 4 Disney theme parks in Orlando, 2 water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon) plus park-hopper privileges for 4 days. In addition we’re adding including 2 Orlando Kids Eat Free cards.

Airfare, hotel, taxes, and any other expenses are not included. We provide an unforgettable family experience in Orlando, you need to get there on your own!

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value. You must redeem all prizes by December 31, 2010.

291 Responses to “[contest] Walt Disney World Orlando – Win a Free Family Pass!”

  1. Susan A. Says:

    Because. We. Love. You. VIATOR. And. You. Love. Us. Back!

  2. Silvia Says:

    Because we are Disney-freaks and we <3 Viator (obvi)!

  3. John Says:

    Us Aussies love to travel add disney just perfect!

  4. Samantha Todd Says:

    Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.

  5. Paul Says:

    Every passion has its destiny, Disney is mine.

  6. Chantel Says:

    Were passionate about Disney and deserve quality at it’s best.

  7. Samantha Todd Says:

    This “Viator” would love to “Magic My Way” to Disney.

  8. Denise Dunne Says:

    Viator the unbeatable option for our disney mad family

  9. boabbyrab Says:

    Viator not only great prices but great prizes

  10. Joanna Says:

    Viator brings happiness to both my big and little kids.

  11. boabbyrab Says:

    Viator….. not only great prices but great prizes too.

  12. Gill. K. Says:

    We have Tinkerbells Fairydust, without it the Magic will disappear!

  13. Joanne O'Hare Says:

    Our family of four adore Viator and Disneyworld even more!

  14. Joanne O'Hare Says:

    We adore Viator. Give us tickets – we adore Viator MORE!

  15. Frances McFarlane Says:

    Viator can make our dreams come true

  16. Kirsty Says:

    Because VIATOR ROCK and i am mickeys biggest fan EVER

  17. Francis Says:

    V alue
    I nternet
    A gents
    T ickets
    O rlando
    R ecreations

  18. Francis Says:

    V ery
    I nexpensive
    A gent selling
    T ickets for
    O rlando
    R ides

  19. Francis Says:

    V iator
    I s
    A mericas No1
    T icket
    O nline
    R etailer

  20. Migdalia Torres Says:

    My daughter’s birthday is coming up, She’ll be four.

  21. John Fleming Says:

    Is the first overseas trip and very helpful. Thank you

  22. Michelle Says:

    Winning would make 2010 our happiest new year ever x

  23. Michelle Says:

    Fabulous tickets = Magical holidays = Very happy children

  24. Debbie Simms Says:

    Spirits low, finances chronic, Disney would be the perfect tonic

  25. Debbie Simms Says:

    Disney delights us, tickets excite us, hope Viator invites us

  26. Pamela Says:

    Our disney money jar, 3 years, very little money

  27. Pamela Says:

    To go before the kids are too old for magic

  28. Pamela Says:

    We would be VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY thankful

  29. Pamela Says:

    We would have BIG HUGS for you all!

  30. Ju.K. Says:

    Please Viator make our Disney dreams come true xx

  31. Leanne Says:

    We are getting married at Disney. A great wedding gift!

  32. Keith Says:

    When put to the test, Viator outclass the rest

  33. Yvonne Says:

    Mickey, Minnie both agree, Viator works wonders for this family

  34. Sally Malcolm Says:


  35. Sally Malcolm Says:

    Used Viator for Universal, would dearly love Disney too;)

  36. Lynn Says:

    We love magic, love Disney, love Viator, love to win.

  37. Stu Says:

    We need some magic. Disney and Viator are magic together.

  38. Lynn Says:

    We love Disney, we love Viator, we’d love to win.

  39. Jacqui Says:

    Just like us, Viator Values Varied Vacations

  40. Jacqui Says:

    because we’re worth it!!!

  41. Duane Patterson Says:

    To wish, to dream, to live, to love = Disney

  42. Duane Patterson Says:

    Parents smiles, childrens laughter. we love the land of mouse

  43. Simon Says:

    Mickey Donald Goofey and more, could be thanks to Viator!

  44. Simon Says:

    Fingers crossed we’ll win, so we’ll see Mickey and Min

  45. Maria Says:

    With some luck we can see our hero Donald Duck

  46. Maria Says:

    Our Disney tickets all paid for, all care of Viator!

  47. Maria Says:

    To Disney we hope to go, Viator make it so!

  48. Simon Says:

    Because of the magic and because we believe.

  49. Sharon Martin Says:

    We live with our kids, not for them or ourselves.

  50. Sharon Martin Says:

    So my daughter Ella can meet her namesake, Cinderella.

  51. Sharon Martin Says:

    Send us so we can tell all about Viator.

  52. Michelle Allen Says:

    To make our dreams come true!!

  53. Michelle Says:

    These tickets would mean the ‘world’ to my family !

  54. Gill.K. Says:

    No tickets= No Disney. A first in 16 years.

  55. Lia Nadon Says:

    Viator wants a autistic childs view of the magic!

  56. JoAnn Cox Says:

    For the old and young dreams can come true

  57. Amber Says:

    Disney is every child’s dream…Make our dream come true.

  58. Amber Says:

    What’s better than going to Disney? Going for FREE!

  59. Amber Says:

    Four and six year olds would love to meet Mickey.

  60. Amber Says:

    Make our sons’ dream come true! They love the Mouse!

  61. Amber Says:

    After two years in foster care, my kids need Magic.

  62. Amber Says:

    2 teachers + 4 kids = Mickey Deprivation. HELP!

  63. Angie Allabaugh Says:

    Walt Disney World is absolutly the happiest place on earth!:-)

  64. Brenda Says:

    Single mom’s wish for her special needs child.

  65. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR your one stop CLICK for the big mouse MICK

  66. Michelle Says:

    Because it would make my children so happy to go 🙂

  67. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR will open the DOOR so your heart can SOAR.

  68. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR will open the DOOR So your families not BORED

  69. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR your only CLICK for the big mouse MICK

  70. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    CLICK your mouse to get in the mouse house VIATOR.

  71. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Use the little mouse to see the big mouse VIATOR.

  72. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    If you click it VIATOR will give you the ticket.

  73. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Only VIATOR can make the computer mouse the magic house.

  74. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR will get you too WALT DISNEY WORLD”S DOOR.

  75. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Cause us opening up MAGIC’S DOOR is up to VIATOR.

  76. Debbie Simms Says:

    One part family, two parts sun, Disney completes the fun!!

  77. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR turns gray skies blue and makes dreams come true.

  78. Amber Says:

    Adoption = our new family; Disney = fun family memories!

  79. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR will help us SCORE the MAGIC DISNEY TOUR.

  80. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR the only place to BE for a Magic KEY.

  81. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    We will have the most VIATORious Disney world vacation ever.

  82. karen Says:

    Its hubbys 40th and it would be a great pressie.

  83. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    If we win my children will feel VIATORious.

  84. Angela Smith Says:

    We deserve some Magic! Yeah for being potty trained!

  85. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR is not FOLKLORE, IT’s for REAL they have DEALS.

  86. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    SIX and EIGHT, Get us there before it’s to LATE.

  87. Angela Smith Says:

    Princesses welcome girls who don’t wet princess pullups. That’s us!

  88. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    When you wish upon VIATOR, Disney tickets, dining and MORE.

  89. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Viator and Disney will make our family dreams come true.

  90. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Disney’s magic helps heal our hearts despite loss and illness.

  91. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Though oceans apart Viator and Disney helps bring families together.

  92. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    We can’t go to Orlando without seeing our Disney family.

  93. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR our family needs to turn our Frowns upside down.

  94. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Our family would love to SEE the Animal Kingdom TREE.

  95. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR I’m on my knees begging for my FAMILY please.

  96. Brooke Says:

    Twins wish upon a star
    Viator grants unforgettable, unbeatable dream

  97. Sindy Tirado Says:

    Because we’re a new family in desperate need of magic.

  98. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Disney’s magic will inspire our children to celebrate life again.

  99. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Viotar, show our family the best way to experience Disney.

  100. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Life is hard, money is tight, Disney will make eveything alright.

  101. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    We need Disney to remind us how to enjoy life.

  102. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Our family needs to see “a whole new world” – Disney

  103. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Lost loved ones, lost hope, Disney please help us cope.

  104. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    We want to wear EARS and scream and CHEER.

  105. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Kids want to wear ears and scream and cheer.

  106. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Misca Mousca Mickey Mouse, Please Get us in the Clubhouse.

  107. Emily Says:

    Disney Rocks and so do You!

  108. Angela Says:

    My sons life long dream would come true!

  109. fida Says:

    because viator will make my kids’ dream comes true

  110. mohanned Says:

    because we are Viators’ family

  111. Kim Says:

    We will never forget the look on our son’s face when we took him to Disneyland in California so to see that look again at Disney World would be a true memory

  112. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Feeling blue a little POOR, our dream vacation VIATOR.

  113. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Kids in the dumps and were POOR, HELP US VIATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    We are lost and poor, Show us the way VIATOR!

  115. Tamara Storozuk Says:


    EXPLODE IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. Tamara Storozuk Says:




  117. MARTINA Says:


  118. JULIE Says:


  119. JULIE Says:


  120. JULIE Says:


  121. Keri O. Says:


  122. Keri O. Says:

    My heart beats fast
    thinking of a Disney blast!

  123. Brooke Says:

    Castles, Pirates, Princesses, Magic: The things our children dream about

  124. brenda Says:

    Never been to Disney,Grandkids in a tizzy!

  125. brenda Says:

    Grandkids chomping at the bit,so Viator how about it?

  126. brenda Says:

    Grandparents need fun,please let us know we won!

  127. brenda Says:

    Make our dream come true,Mickey,Minnie,Donald too!

  128. Hasan Says:

    We barely go on trips this would be good oppurtunity

  129. Elaheh Says:

    It would be an awesome chance for my kids

  130. Hasan Says:

    My kids are always wanting to go on an adventure

  131. Hasan Says:

    It was always their Dream to go to Disney World

  132. Hasan Says:

    We’ve always wanted to go on a family adventure together.

  133. Hasan Says:

    My son is striving to try the best roller coasters!

  134. Hasan Says:

    It would be an awesome birthday present for my daughter.

  135. Tamara Storozuk Says:


  136. Devin Says:

    Broke out of money don’t want to sit at home

  137. Devin Says:

    Want to get away but don’t have no money

  138. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    FAMILY DREAM, and it starts with the VIATOR


  139. Janine Schiro Says:

    Niece never had a vacation. Would love to take her.

  140. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR kids need to score the Walt Disney World TOUR.

  141. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    With VIATOR you can jump on Magical Express for LESS.

  142. Mat Rivera Says:

    Viator issues A-1 TOurs/Recreations to
    Wonderful, Delightful, Worldclass Orlando!

  143. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Family down in dumps need inspiration, Disney and VIATOR

    EXPLODE IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR turns gray skies BLUE, and makes DREAMS come TRUE.

  145. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    We need to finally be VIATORIOUS!!!

  146. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Family of four need to finally feel VIATORious!!!!!!

  147. stephanie Says:

    Viator will make two kids have the biggest smiles ever.

  148. Mat Rivera Says:

    Visiting Disney
    Dreams Come true!

  149. Mat Rivera Says:

    Disney allows ordinary people to have extraordinary and magical experience

  150. Sulay Gazmey Says:

    Family falling apart really needs to be brought together again!!!

  151. Sulay Gazmey Says:

    Bring us (Parents) together again, make our kids happy forever!!

  152. Sulay Gazmey Says:

    By Blessing Mom & Dad with happiness, you bless our kids!!

  153. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    When you wish upon VIATOR, they make your imagination SOAR.

  154. Sulay Gazmey Says:

    Put a smile on all of our hurting hearts!!!

  155. Sulay Gazmey Says:

    Show our kids that there’s hope when you really believe!!!

  156. Sulay Gazmey Says:

    V-ery Hopeful






  157. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    When you wish upon VIATOR, Disney tickets dining and MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Anything your hearts desire, VIATOR will help you SCORE!!!

  159. Jackie Kesselring Says:

    Without folks like you, dreams could not come true.

  160. Jackie Kesselring Says:

    Whisk me away on a dream for a day.

  161. Jackie Kesselring Says:

    Our FAMILY, it would seem, needs this dream.

  162. Rosa Mantlow Says:

    We’ll take the Amtrak in and the Amtrak out and Kisssimmee-Heavens !we’ll have memories forever no doubt!

  163. Rosa Mantlow Says:

    Amtrak in- Amtrack out- memories 4-ever no doubt!

  164. Emma Villaseñor Says:

    Good luck with Viator, brings a great trip to Disney.

  165. Emma Villaseñor Says:

    I have almost all the trip, Disney should be free.

  166. S. Cline Says:

    VIATOR: Making military family reunion possible after long war separation

  167. Lisa Says:

    I’m 43 and have never been there, times running out!!!

  168. Lisa Says:

    Nothing like Viator to make a family very very happy!!!

  169. Molly Hegwood Says:

    We’ve traveled the Viator world, now on to Disney World!

  170. Molly Hegwood Says:

    Bags are packed- ready to travel the World, of Disney!

  171. Molly Hegwood Says:

    On to the world of Harry Potter for our wizards!

  172. Molly Hegwood Says:

    Leave the passports at home and travel the world!

  173. alex Says:

    Because there is no place like Viator’s vacation and we are confirmed to be in Orland March 27 for one week to spend my daughter’s B-day !
    Go Viator !:))))

  174. N.Radyn Says:

    Going to Disney World will be a prayer answered.

  175. kawalarau Says:

    i hope i can go to disney wit my new dougther…

  176. Lise Kruuse Says:

    We come all the way from Denmark

  177. Lise Kruuse Says:

    it is our 12½ year wedding anniversary

  178. joseph Says:

    need to escape reality and go to different world,disneyworld

  179. Lise Kruuse Says:

    we will come back

  180. Pamela J. Says:

    Viator fantastic in Paris, Rome, Munich, Austria! Now Disney Orlando?

  181. Becky Platt Says:

    Because our family will need some magic after mummy’s chemotherapy.

  182. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Viator Your one stop click for the big MOUSE MICK!!!!

  183. lisa Says:

    Viator has given an oppurtunity to make dreams come true.

  184. lisa Says:

    Viator…Where dreams magically come to life.

  185. lisa Says:

    Fun,enticment.to watch our two children burst with excitment.

  186. Susan Clarkson Says:

    Viator virgin but planning to use in Italy in 2011.

  187. Sharon Furlong Says:

    Viator “makes dreams come true”

  188. Wayne Says:

    I’m going to Disney World

  189. Geoff Gomersall Says:


  190. Wanda Hellman Says:

    Viator rocks and Disney destresses!

  191. kelly Mc Intyre Says:

    Dreaming here in Donegal of Orlando and having a ball

  192. keith Says:

    Getting old, no money,grandchildren young, time runnung out…………

  193. Johnathan Peralta Says:

    It’s best to travel with Viator! Cooler for free disney!!!

  194. Molly Hegwood Says:

    Our mini-wizards’ Harry Potter/Disney World dream come true!

  195. Molly Hegwood Says:

    2 mini-wizards + 2 muggles + 1 Disney World = Joy x 4

  196. margie comotto Says:

    Viator, you’re the greatest tour company!!!!! We have used you numerous times and every time we travel and have had a wonderful time on our tours.

  197. e nagy Says:

    Disney is Flordia magic, Viator is Magic in the World.

  198. jessica hansen Says:

    To have some bonding time with my 13 yr. old step-kid!

  199. Jakes Maree Says:

    Coming from Africa, we see Disney we’ve seen the world.

  200. Lina Baron Says:

    Only Viator and Disney can add a drop of magic, two of good value, three of happiness and four of generosity to fulfill our TENacious dream of going away as a family to one of the best places on Earth!

  201. Linda Dike Says:

    Our wish for your MAGICAL FAMILY VACATION!

  202. Janeen Jones Says:

    Many in family, need help making Dreams Come True. THANKS

  203. M Joell Says:

    Because life is short and these are times we’ll remember.

  204. Raghu Says:

    Don’t know how to plan your trip? Viator helps you!

  205. Raghu Says:

    Viator made my recent London trip hassle free!

  206. Sam Says:

    Viator+Phuket = Awesome
    Viator+Beijing = Incredible
    Viator+Disney = Show me!

  207. Margaret Says:

    Wacky Family in Disney – Compliments of Viator.
    Great Publicity!!

  208. Kimberly McCoy Says:

    We long to be at the Happiest Place on Earth!

  209. Belmonte Family Says:

    We(LOYAL CUSTOMER) will be the best advertisement Viator had

  210. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR holds the KEYS to our FAMILIES YIPPEES.

  211. Margaret Says:

    Why should Viator pick us? Because we love life!

  212. Megha Says:

    Viator amazing value for a world of a difference.

  213. carlos tadashi kunioka Says:

    Viator can show the world of dreams and happy end.

  214. RACHEL Says:

    Smiles and family laughter, Disney tickets are what were after.

  215. Natalie Says:

    Viator makes my family dreams come true with Disney magic!

  216. Mel Says:

    Unforgettable tours makes unforgettable Disney, lowest prices makes me smile

  217. Mellissa Says:

    Disney magic and Florida sun Viator guarantees value and fun

  218. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Cause everytime the commercials come on TV my KIDS FREAK!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Patty Says:

    went there for my honeymoon, now divorced, need better memories 🙂

  220. Rose Coyle Says:

    Because Viator, I am worth it.

  221. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Cause Parents dreams are a wish their childrens hearts make!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Wendy Gonzalez Says:

    Because our family still believe’s in the magic of Disney!

  223. Marilyn Pieschke Says:

    Our family of six princesses = many Disney Magical Moments

  224. Sam Says:

    Viator makes Disney magic come true…again!

  225. Imran Malik Says:

    What makes Disney super groovy?
    Viator, Mickey, me and Goofy!

  226. Tamara Storozuk Says:


  227. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Because Parents DREAMS are WISHES their CHILDRENS hearts make!!!!!!!!

  228. Molly Hegwood Says:

    We’ve explored lots of the real world, onto Disney World!

  229. Molly Hegwood Says:

    Our kids have never been ~ time to get them in!

  230. Molly Hegwood Says:

    We hope our Disney World dreams really do come true.

  231. Devin Says:

    self employed,economy bad mom and kids need disney vacation!!!!!!!!!

  232. Devin Says:

    wanted the ultimate american vaction dream, disney dreams come true.

  233. Devin Says:

    at disney and viator dreams really do come true, please!

  234. Devin Says:

    disney and viator rocks!! were going to disney!!!!!

  235. Devin Says:

    disney and viator dreams come true, family dreams of vacation.

  236. Felicia Says:

    Our kids deserve what we can’t afford-the magical Disney!

  237. Felicia Says:

    Our kids are the age of magical discovery at Disney!

  238. Felicia Says:

    Our family has dreamed of Disney for so long

  239. Molly Says:

    Why us, Viator? Because we’re just so gosh-darned adorable!

  240. Diane Cole Says:

    I do believe in VIATOR, I do, I do!

  241. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR will help you SCORE, and let your IMAGINATION SOAR!!!!!!!!

  242. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Our family needs to seriously rebuild bonds…Please pass us

  243. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Challenges have taken a toll, rebuilding family is the goal.

  244. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    single soccer mom, full-time employee, part-time 4.0 student is deserving

  245. stephanie Says:

    Viator, Take us away !! AHH !

  246. frances Says:

    Viator You would make our grandkids dreams come true !

  247. stephanie Says:

    Viator make us Soar !

  248. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Parents Dreams are wishes their CHILDRENS hearts MAKE!!!!

  249. Diane Cole Says:

    We don’t have anything like this in England, help us

  250. Diane Cole Says:

    We are family, give those Disney tickets to me

  251. Amber Says:

    Adoption expanded our family. Send us to Disney to celebrate!

  252. Amber Says:

    Can you add? Thank a math teacher. Send free tickets!

  253. abby friedland Says:

    Grandma, grandpa two grandkids. What a way to bond.

  254. abby Says:

    thank you viator for this opportunity. You always come through.

  255. Debbie Says:

    Viator take us away to Disney for us to play

  256. Helen Dickinson Says:

    VIATOR, please treat this Mum and Dad, kids grown up

  257. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    Family lost alot, need inspiration DISNEY and VIATOR explode IMAGINATION!!!!!!!!!!

  258. Molly Says:

    WHY? Because: V iator
    I s
    A lways
    T ravel
    O riented…like my
    R elatives!

  259. Molly Says:

    OOPS! My spacing got messed up on that one!

  260. Molly Says:

    WHY? Because:

    V iator
    I s
    A lways
    T ravel
    O riented…like my
    R elatives!

  261. Mililani Isaacs Says:

    Our family is in chaos, please come and help us

  262. Amber Says:

    Get my wife off the computer. Give her tickets. (Marc)

  263. Amber Says:

    Children at a perfect age for wonder and Disney Magic.

  264. Amber Says:

    Foster kids with rough start in life have Mickey Dreams.

  265. Amber Says:

    Thankful for every day together. Days at Disney are amazing!

  266. Amber Says:

    Knock-Knock: Who’s there?
    Hand over the tickets, please!

  267. Amber Says:

    We love Mickey Mouse! Only Viator can make it happen!

  268. Amber Says:

    Would love to blog about our Viator adventure! Free advertising!

  269. Amber Says:

    My kids are awesome (no further explanation needed.) Help, please!

  270. Nancy Says:

    My children are deserving, never afford it on my own.

  271. Nancy Says:

    My kids can only dream of a trip like this.

  272. Margaret Says:

    OOOOhhhhhh, only one more week. Can we be the one?

  273. Margaret Says:

    My family is wonderfully Goofy, Viator won’t regret selecting us!

  274. Margaret Says:

    Star light, Star bright, Show Viator choosing us is right!

  275. Margaret Says:

    Drum roll please! And the winner is…the GOOFY FAMILY!

  276. Molly Says:

    Why our family? Because otherwise we vacation in Bakersfield..AGAIN!

  277. Jeff Says:

    … because Viator scored “10” on arranging our San Fransisco staycation.

  278. Molly Says:

    Because “our bags are packed and we’re ready to go…”

  279. Jacqui Fisher Says:

    Viator research/plan,
    we visit Mickey,
    he’s the main man!

  280. Jacqui Fisher Says:

    Mickey, Minnie, Goofy too – all thanks to the Viator Crew

  281. Emily Outridge Says:

    Dont want to pay for other expenses, dont want vacation

  282. Diane Cole Says:

    Cosmic Ordering – one Disney Family Pass please!

  283. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR turn our children’s FROWNS upside DOWN.

  284. Declan Says:

    Making our familys wishes come true, Viator are always unbeatable!

  285. Tamara Storozuk Says:

    VIATOR they make our DISNEY DREAMS SOAR!! 7 more Sleeps

  286. Mavis Kiser Says:


  287. Molly Says:


  288. Nadine Says:

    We’ve never vacationed. Always Working. Need fun in Disney Sun.

  289. Nadine Says:

    Viator and Disney can help put smiles on our faces.

  290. Nadine Says:

    Need help to stop and listen to the gleeful screams!!

  291. Scott Mc Says:

    Thanks everybody, the contest is now closed.

    Please stay tuned for the announcement of a winner.