[contest] Win Free Tickets to Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam

March 22, 2010 by

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Editor’s Note: The contest is closed.

At long last, we also have winners! Apologies for the delays in announcing the winners here – the recent airport closures in Europe have made it very difficult to confirm the winners. But now it’s all sorted and we are pleased to announce the following winners: Joanne C, Rebecca D, Lynette J, Ed F, and Nadia H. Congratulations again, and thanks again to evertbody who entered!

It’s springtime in Holland! Tulips are blooming and the Dutch countryside is bursting into every color imaginable. To celebrate we’re giving away 5 pairs of free tickets (yes, 5 people will each win 2 tickets!) to visit the world-famous Keukenhof Tulip Gardens outside of Amsterdam. These tickets are valid anytime between now and May 16 (when Keukenhof closes for the 2010 season). Hurry, enter now!

The tulips at Keukenhof are truly an amazing site – even if you’re not a major flower lover, you will be impressed by Keukenhof. Take a look at photos of Keukenhof submitted by actual Viator travelers, and you’ll see what we mean.

Enter to win 2 free tickets to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens from Amsterdam

Enter to win 2 free tickets to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens from Amsterdam

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Contest: How to enter

To enter for your chance to win, simply post a reply to this blog entry answering the question, “Why should Viator give YOU 2 free tickets to the Keukenhof Gardens?” in 10 words or less. Entries must be submitted by April 9, 2010. Winners will be announced on April 12, 2010.

You can enter our contest as many times as you like, but remember, your reply must be 10 words or fewer or it will not be considered.

What you need to know

We’re giving away 5 sets of free tickets for the day tour to the Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam for travel anytime before May 16, 2010.

The theme at Keukenhof this year is “From Russia with Love.” Russia’s first lady, Svetlana Medvedeva, accompanied the Netherlands’ Princess Maxima to unveil the 2010 theme; an incredible 70,000 bulbs were used to create a tulip mosaic of Moscow’s famous Saint Basil’s Cathedral. And you’ll find Russian-themed gardens and events on offer through the eight-week season at Keukenhof.

Good luck!

-Viator Travel Team

Terms & Conditions: Our staff will pick the entry that we think best answers the question above, in 10 words or less. We are providing 5 sets of free tickets on a Keukenhof Gardens Full Day Tour from Amsterdam between now and May 16, 2010. The dates cannot be changed or modified. Airfare, taxes, and any other expenses not specifically listed above are not included. Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be sold or redeemed for any cash value.

126 Responses to “[contest] Win Free Tickets to Keukenhof Gardens in Amsterdam”

  1. David V. Says:

    To take my mother visiting from Canada who loves gardening

  2. Linda Says:

    My photos will bring the beauty to others.

  3. Erica Wong Says:

    Would love to add another stamp to my passport

  4. Allison Says:

    My ancestors were tulips.

  5. Rosa G Says:

    To fill up my lonely blank canvases like Van Gogh.

  6. Ed Fitzgerald Says:

    So Viator can lead us to yet another amazing wonder.

  7. PAT MURRAY Says:

    Been to Amsterdam three times never seen tulips.

  8. Lydia Says:

    After a long winter, I yearn for colour and life.

  9. Sharon Lawrence Says:

    My life long dream is to see the gardens.

  10. Kathy F Says:

    No better place to celebrate my Dutch ancestry than Keukenhof!

  11. Ed Fronheiser Says:

    The beauty of our existence is personified by the beauty and color of flowers.

  12. Marj Meiers Says:

    So my heart can feel and my photos can share the most beautiful flower ever!

  13. Marj Meiers Says:

    So I can share God’s masterpiece with you!

  14. Nancy Renee Says:

    To give my 88 year old Mom a lifetime thrill!

  15. Lisa Says:

    a great mothers day gift for my mom.



  17. P. L. Courtney Says:

    Because my granddaughter and my favourite flower are both ‘Lily’.

  18. Mariya Says:

    i have never been in this beautiful place!!! it will be wonderful to go there and see it my own !!!

  19. phoebe Says:

    Because I’m flying 17 hours to europe, make it worthwhile!

  20. Cherrial Cronje Says:

    Wonderful 60th birthday present and our wish will be fulfilled Tulips in Keukenhof

  21. ANIL KUMAR Says:

    To find TRUE LOVE & BOND. Not James Bond ofcourse !!

  22. Serge Says:

    So i can sell them on ebay!

  23. Marcus Says:

    A romantic floral trip – to treat my lovely girlfriend.

  24. Chuck White Says:

    Tullipps our favoite flower wonderful way to celebrate 37th anniversary

  25. Patrick Lim Says:

    A lifetime experience for my mum who love flower dearly.

  26. Sharon Says:

    It would make our first to the Netherlands — home of our ancestors — all the more exciting!!

  27. Elsa Says:

    Pictures with my 6 year old daughter would be priceless

  28. Lori Says:

    You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

  29. Dirk Says:

    To feel me like a flouwer.

  30. Akhil Says:

    Viator isn’t just a travel agency its a remarkable experience

  31. Ping Says:

    I’ve heard such wonderful things about the tulip gardens and always wanted to go.

  32. suchada Says:

    there’s someone who gets it, why not me?

  33. Kari Finzen Says:

    Would love to see the millions of flowers when in Netherlands.

  34. vicky Says:

    lovely vacation for two old tired female direct care workers.

  35. Barbara A. Ely Says:

    My late husband planned taking me. You’d accomplish his wish.

  36. Barbara A. Ely Says:

    My late husband planned taking me. I’m already packed.

  37. Rory Ralph Says:

    Would like to get away because our daughter moved back in with her 2 children and we could definitely use a break!!!

  38. Rory Ralph Says:

    Have always wanted to see the dikes, windmills, and the beautiful tulips.

  39. Joanne Says:

    7 hour layover+Keukenof Gardens=best layover ever!

  40. Erica Says:

    To admire the tulips after I’ve visited the coffee shops!

  41. Cheng Yen Says:

    So I can propose to my girlfriend at this garden!

  42. Peik Yee Teh Says:

    To have a birthday blast in my birth-month!

  43. richard carter Says:

    to see God’s work through the hands of man

  44. Allison Savich Says:

    To tip toe through them of course!

  45. Allison Savich Says:

    or around them, wouldnt want to ruin their beauty!

  46. Lynette Jenkins Says:

    Amazing color,
    Bursting forth from earth’s dark crust…
    Springtime awakens!

  47. mindy Says:

    I’ll be in Amsterdam and missing my tulips’ first blooms.

  48. mindy Says:

    Birthday bash for two old gardeners

  49. mindy Says:

    my mom was given tulips when I was born

  50. Wendy Wong Says:

    My 80 yr old mother deserves to see her favorite flower blooming in profusion.

  51. Joan Fitzgerald Says:

    Wow! Keukenhof Gardens with my husband, courtesy of Viator. Terrific!

  52. Monica Says:

    Bringing 68 year old mother whose favorite flower is tulips

  53. Lori Says:

    First time to Holland, really want to see Keukenhof!

  54. Theresa Says:

    I visit Keukenhof and promote Viator to everyone I know!

  55. Fatima Says:

    Everyone should come and visit it. This years theme “From Russia with Love” ….. different types of flowers sprout every week. Better to go during the week, on week ends it’s packed with tourist from all over Europe.

  56. +Irene Ohmann Says:

    celebrate 57 years life wish see street organs and flowers

  57. +Irene Ohmann Says:

    life wish anniversary 57 celebrate see flowers and street organs

  58. +Irene Ohmann Says:

    57 anniversary life wish celebrate see flowers and street organs

  59. +Irene Ohmann Says:

    57th anniversary lifetime wish see H0lland’s flowers street organs

  60. Miriam Says:

    To see the love of my life and the unique wonders of his country.

  61. Stephanie L. Webb Says:

    My inspiration for photography is the splendor of the tulips.

  62. Stephanie L. Webb Says:

    To run through the fields in a childlike behaviour.

  63. Rebecca Says:

    My mom’s name is Rose, they called her Tulip.

  64. Rebecca Says:

    Traveling Holland, 60yrs.old,looking for tulips, behold!

  65. Leilani Says:

    Would be an amazing college graduation gift.

  66. virginia wenzel Says:

    one of my goals is to see all the worlds great tulip fields, I have made it to the pacific northwest, now I really need to see the biggest tulip fields in the world. I love them, tulips are so sureal, their stems even still grow after they are cut, still reaching for the sky

  67. thomas peterson Says:

    my mom was stationed in germany and she made 2 trips to keukenholf to see the flowers. she told me about the beautiful flowers/garden. i have always wanted to see it for myself.

  68. Lian Says:

    Cos we will be signing up another two tours from viator so it be great to win the tickets to keukenhof!

  69. Ivy Ng Says:

    To embrace Love with the Beauty of the Tulips

  70. Elsie Holliday Says:

    What would Spring be without flower gardens?

  71. Ta Thi Thai Lien Says:

    I would be “perfect” testimonial to promote for Viator!

  72. Pranjal Phatowali Says:

    Just imagine the tulips dancing in the wind…like the ballerinas moving in the Swan Lake.It would be sheer magic.Just can’t wait to be there..and turn a dream to a reality.


    For my mum’s birthday because she truly loves flowers


    I dream to see Keukenhof since 2000

  75. Stephanie L. Webb Says:

    Me + 1 Friend + Keukenhof + Viator Promotion = Happiness and Good Marketing

  76. Andrea Says:

    to tiptoe through the tulips with viator and a smile

  77. Nadia Hurtt Says:

    Last months in Europe, what a beautiful final stop!

  78. Eva Says:

    Mind and heart through eyes in search of beauties, one of them Keukenhof.

  79. yusnida Says:

    Since I was a kid, when I saw the pictures my mom took when she went to keukenhoff, I always wanted to be there .It’s been my life fulfilling dream to be here.

  80. Tom Taylor Says:

    I want to be taken out of my element 🙂

  81. Linda Razzano Says:

    Will fill my childrens’ hearts with the wonder of Keukenhof.

  82. Erica Wong Says:

    Mend a broken heart and start a new life = inspiring

  83. Sancia Wan Says:

    No better way than feeling the beauty of tulips ourselves!

  84. Marcel Says:

    I visited Keukenhof 21 march, too early for tulips outdoors

  85. Marvin Valeros Says:

    To see, Face to Face the beauty of Great Russia

  86. Marvin Valeros Says:

    to find myself, and hold on to something so real

  87. Marvin Valeros Says:

    to live my life in the fullest and see beauty

  88. Marvin Valeros Says:

    to touch, see, feel and be amazed by life’s treasure

  89. Marvin Valeros Says:

    to see what the people are talking about right now

  90. Marieh Says:

    I’ll be travelling to Holand from Australia so i can finally get to see what i’ve been dreaming of all my life

  91. Cheri Hirstein Says:

    Sister visiting from Illinois and wants to see Tulips……Keukenhof!

  92. Cheri Hirstein Says:

    Beautiful Flowers
    Beautiful Sister
    Together Time
    For a short time.

  93. Alaina Waas-Rojas Says:

    Appreciating the beauty in a world full of ugliness.

  94. Alaina Waas-Rojas Says:

    A field of dreams come true for a photographer.

  95. Alaina Waas-Rojas Says:

    Something i’ve only dreamed of becoming a reality.

  96. Alaina Waas-Rojas Says:

    Only in dreams do things this magnificent and beautiful exist.

  97. Alaina Waas-Rojas Says:

    To enjoy the beautiful surrondings with the people you cherish.

  98. Daniel Rojas Says:

    A little piece of heaven on earth.

  99. Daniel Rojas Says:

    A beautiful gift shared in peace and harmony with all.

  100. Elaine Says:

    I’ll be 75 on April 16th. What a gift!!

  101. Linda Levine Says:

    T= tremendous U= ultimate L= lovely I= impeccable P= pretty S= showy splendor

  102. Ivy Ng Says:

    To welcome Spring, with Beautiful Tulip blooms..

  103. Kunal Raina Says:

    I want to take back beautiful memories of the tulips garden back home in US. Memories are precious and they last forever. I want to capture them on the trip to Holland and share them with friends so that they get a reason to travel to Holland.

  104. Julie Bentley Says:

    As I’ve never seen anything like it!

  105. Prem Babu Says:

    This is THE BEST tour from Viator leaving lots of free time in the garden for the visitors.

  106. Andrea Says:

    because not enough people stop to smell the flowers

  107. Andrea Says:

    Viator (the best tour experience) + Amsterdam + St.Basil in Tulips = Unforgettable

  108. Ann Says:

    Taking Mum on her dream trip to Oberammergau and tulips.

  109. Ruth Wyllie Says:

    My passions – granddaughter, Russia, flowers meet in Keukenhof? – Viva Viator!

  110. mindy Says:

    T=to U=understand L+land I=In P=peace and S=serenity

  111. mindy Says:

    T=to U=understand L+land I=in P=peace and S=serenity TULIPS

  112. Alex Duda Says:

    I planned to go to Keunkenhof BEFORE planning to go to Holland…

  113. Cheryl Says:

    Law of attraction, my thoughts become things. Rhonda Byrne-Secret

  114. LOUISE Says:

    Hoping to see tulips in Amsterdam, but Keukenhof – Viator help!

  115. Henry Says:

    Living in arid South African Kalahari, Viator what a price!

  116. Marijke Says:

    Viator, could you realise a South African’s far – horisoned dream?!

  117. Wimpie Says:

    Keukenhof, park par excellence, legend – Viator – a dream come true!

  118. Marlize Says:

    In Namibia, Keukenhof remains a far – away postcard fantasy.

  119. Ruth Says:

    Lois, eight, dreams of tulips. Viator makes dreams come true.

  120. Ruth Says:

    St Basil’s in tulips – rare royal riot. A must see!

  121. Hank Says:

    because once was not enough

  122. Ruth Says:

    Russia in tulips – Peter1 would be proud too.

  123. Ruth Says:

    Granddaughter must visit Katushka and Baba Yaga. What better, Viator?

  124. Harinder Says:

    To see amalgamation of man made beauty with nature’s beauty

  125. Somnath Ghosh Says:

    To connect the dots between my dream and reality

  126. Scott Mc Says:

    The contest is now closed! Stay tuned for the announcement of winners.